Wednesday, June 24, 2009

And for My NEXT Trick. . .

This morning was a morning of . . . discovery! Well, just one, but a discovery nonetheless! Marin has cut her first tooth! I brought her into bed this morning and she was sitting on my belly, and as I looked up, I could see into her mouth, and noticed that her gums looked awfully white, so I stuck my finger in there, and sure enough, a tooth! Her upper front right tooth has broken through the gums and the left side isn't far behind. I will say though, usually babies sprout their lower teeth first, which does look awfully cute. Marin however, since she is sprouting her upper teeth first will look a little. . . hillbilly, for a bit. Poor kid! It makes me wonder though, it has got to be darn hard to chew foods when you only have one or two teeth! I mean, you can't put your gums together to mash the foods, and you don't have enough teeth to really use them to chew food. What a hard thing, glad we're babies when it happens :)

Marin has also become quite the snuggler. Not for long periods of time, but she likes to put her head down on my chest and get a quick back-scratch :) She likes those, sweet girl. I also bought her a special super big bib with a food-catcher a the bottom. Marin has been pretty much feeding herself or ever meal, and it gets pretty messy, so the bib helps a lot. I do need to start buying shower caps to put on Marin's head. She like to rub her messy hands all over her head when she eats, so I end up needing to put her whole head under the faucet to get it clean!

Yesterday Marin and I went to a Farmers Market! I have reeeeeally missed my Farmers Market back in NY, it is SUCH a great place to go. They have wonderful food, great produce, and it is right by a lake. Well, although this one was not near a lake, and it was kind of small, it was still nice to be there. They had some lovely produce, it looked just wonderful. I didn't take any cash with me, just because I wanted to check things out before I spent any money, but I do think I'll be back. There is another one at a different park this evening, so maybe Marin and I will head over there :)

Just one pic today!

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