Monday, June 8, 2009

Grateful for. . .

With everything that life has been throwing our way lately, it is soo easy for me to get caught up in the ever-en-snaring chaos and get, well, overwhelmed. I get so busy taking care of everything, all the time for everybody, that I forget to sit back, look at all that I have and just be grateful. So, without further ado, my list of things that I am grateful for:

*My amazing husband: Kris has always been an incredible support and mkes me feel like the most beautiful and valuable woman in the universe and I am so grateful I married him. Life would not be a millionth as sweet if I didn't have him.
*Marin: She has brought more joy to my life than I ever knew possible. Everyday she makes me smile and I never knew how sweet the joy of motherhood could be.
*Our families: Kris and I have the most wonderful and supportive families EVER. We feel their love all the time, and, though they have seen us through some rough patchs here and there, they have always been there to love us. I only hope Kris and I can emulate that kind of love for our children when they are grown and have their own families.
*Our pets: I know that sounds silly, but I have had to practice more patience than EVER with these blasted animals, and for that, I do love them. And they're fuzzy, so that gives them an up.
*Our home: So many families, especially today do not live in a home, and we are immensely grateful for the fact that we have a place to live.
*Our Church: For those of you who follow the blog, Kris and I are Mormon. While being Mormon provides it's own unique set of challenges in today's society, we have seen blessings beyond compare because of our faithfulness. Church has given us a balance in our lives and an understanding of our future that no other place or thing in the world can ever offer. If you would like to learn more about the Mormon church, please visit for more information.
*Our vehicles: While it seems odd to be thankful for this, again, it is not a luxury many people have, so we are grateful for our woring vehicles, however banged up they may be getting. . .
*Our jobs: If you are unaware, while I was on maternity leave, Kris left his job selling time share for Hilton (a previously great place to be), due to the worsening economy. That left us in quite a rut, but we were confident that our tithes would pull us through, and they did. Kris was blessed with the job he has now, working for the University of Phoenix, and is now able to go to school for his MBA. My job has been a lifesaver also. Although working as an RN is stressful, it provides me the best experience ever, stuff that I can apply at home, and it provides great job security and pretty good pay. We are soooo grateful for our jobs.
*Our callings: If you have been reading the blog for a while, you'll know I am the Mia Maid advisor in our church, which means I get to work with and counsel the young women age 14 and 15. What a great place to be. I love my young women so much, and I get to know them better every week. They are sooo strong, and they teach me some valuable lessons. Kris's calling is tailored just for him, and somehow, the bishop knew his strengths before he really even knew Kris. He is the ward employment specialist, and he helps people find jobs. Moreover, he helps people help themselves to find jobs. This is perfect for him, and considering the economy, there are a lot of people he is helping, but he too gets to learn from this.
*The "Fluff": This is everything else in my life that is too numerous to count, but makes our lives wonderful. Food, a computer, clothes, a camera. . .

Either way you slice it, we wouldn't have this if it weren't for our loving Heavenly Father. We may be able to duplicate it, but the joyous meaning behind each one would be missing, and that. . . that is what makes life sooo worthwhile.

Picture Time!

Happy girl in the bathub!
I love this picture, you can see that water splashing and a grinning baby :)

This is sooo funny! Kris was feeding her dinner on Saturday after a VERY busy day, and the poor thing was so tired, she conked out right in her highchair! Funniest thing EVER. Kris does hav a video of it, but it's too long to post.
Sweet girl, it makes me laugh every time I see it!
And . . . . . . Yesterday morning I had some mango, and Marin has never had mango before, so I gave her the juicy pit, and here she is, lazy baby, she won't even pick it up!

Ok, off to the gym!

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