Monday, June 22, 2009

Did You Know. . . . .

Did you know:

*Some people don't know they are pregnant until 2 weeks before they deliver? I had seen advertisements for that show called "I didn't know I was pregnant", where these women claim they had no idea they were pregnant until they were about to deliver. I just kind of brushed it off as a "whatever" kind of thing. Well, what do you know, my job always delivers, literally and metaphorically. I took care of a newborn who's mother did not know she was pregnant until 2 weeks before she gave birth. !!!!! How can you NOT know?! Seriously!

*Samantha can only get pushed so far before she snaps at the charge nurse for sending her to NICU for the 4th straight week in a row. I was just a little loud at the nurses station, I didn't yell at anyone in particular, just venting my frustration. Either way, I had a chat with my manager (initiated by MOI, thank you very much!), who explained to me that no one else can go d/t having new employees or qualified employees who are in the middle of precepting a new employee. AND, that they hospital is on an hiring freeze until the end of August. Well, that leads me into my next "Did you know". . .

*Samantha is now looking for a new job. No way this chica is going to get pushed around. I don't know what I'll find, BUT, My hope is that I can find somewhere that will offer me more pay (I have no doubts), and maybe a little sign on sumthin' sumthin' (a sign on bonus), and use that as leverage to get what I want at my hospital. I am not making any expectations for how things will turn out, but a girls' gotta do SOMETHING! Sorry, I am not a pushover that will sit back and take the corporate/administration catch-phrases so I can put just a wee bit more into the CEO's pocket.

Ok, I think I am done with my "Did you know" part. Fathers Day was yesterday and we had a bunch of fun! Marin and I made breakfast for daddy (some angel food french toast, sausage and eggs, yum!) and Marin gave daddy his gift, a subscription to Netflix! We had it before, stopped it for whatever reasons, and now we're back in the game! Go movies! Then Marin had a super long nap, which made us late to church, and I taught in YW. Home again, and I made some banana bread, per request, for Kris. We had some friends over for dinner (who just got married last month) and had some yummy shrimp and crab ravioli (Costco, I love them!) with a light garlic and shallot white sauce, some cheese puffs (I'll post that recipe on the side panel), salad and then ate the banana bread for dessert. Marin was being a PILL, so she went to be early, the stinker. I think maybe her teeth are trying to push through again. We stayed up and played the card game "Apples to Apples". It is such a fun game!

We have a few things to do today, so it's just a super fast post. We got back from the gym this morning, and, ok, side note: I LOVE the YMCA. We have a membership, and I just love it there. If you have ever seen the movie "Dodgeball", which, I am ashamed to say, I love, the YMCA is like my "Average Joe's". All the other gyms like 24 hour Fitness or Gold's or whatever, seem like a Globo-Gym to me. Where all the hot people with big muscles and big hair go workout. That's not for me, send to me where the plain ol' average flabby people go, I say! Anyway, back on track, so today, we need to exchange a shirt for Kris, make some baby food (Almost done, Marin is getting closer and closer to real food!), help Kris with a paper, get some fruits and veggies and . . . clean ( when is that ever NOT on my list!).

Marin is getting so big. She loves to read to herself :) so cute, and sneak up the stairs, and eat her own food by herself and pull all of mommy's pans out of the cupboard. Speaking of which, she is a master of quickness has been finding the sub-sink cupboards to open, so on went the child proof locks! She does NOT like those. Now she can't open the cupboard! Her balance is getting better and better, we notice her standing without holding onto anything quite a bit now! Such a big girl. She is 10 months old as of yesterday! This makes me very excited in particular, because it also means that she will be nursing for only 2 more months. I made a committment quite a few years ago that I would nurse my children for a year (If I could physically do it, of course), and now that I am almost done with Marin, I am very proud of myself. That is NOT an easy thing to do. There were numerous times I thought maybe she wasn't getting enough or I wasn't making enough, BUT. . .I persevered, and Marin kept gaining weight. It has been a long road, and though I will be sad to lose that bond, I will most certainly be happy to be done, and to know I have achieved my personal goal, and have given my daughter a priceless gift:) For more information, go to . And, if you have questions, just drop me a line, I've been there!

Ok, off to the shower super fast, and on with my day, hopefully pictures soon!

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Just found your blog and like the cheese puffs recipe on the side bar.