Thursday, October 2, 2008

Oh what a night:(

For anyone hoping for pictures, sorry! None today! I was hoping to get some from Tuesday afternoon. Kris and Marin and I went out to Red Rock Springs, a place I had not been before, to do some hiking and eat a picinic (kind of) lunch. I really wasn't up to making any food, so we just picked up food on the way. The place we went was really nice! We had been to Red Rock Canyon quite a few times before to go rock climbing, but this was a turn off about 2 miles ahead, still up next to the rocks, but it must get more rain, because it's greener. They had some shaded picinic tables where we ate, then a raised walking platform around a little field. It was cool, and I saw some water! And I didn't have to pay to see it! I always joke with Kris that if you want to see water in Las Vegas, you have to pay to see it. This time it was free, bonus! Even though it was just a little tickle, it's more water than I get to see the rest of the year. Anyway, I took the camera, but the battery was dead. Figures. So no pictures.

Yesterday was a littl rough. I had a great pilates class at the YMCA in the morning for an hour. It was called a "prop-o-lates" class because they use a small ball to help prop yourself up. Very good workout, I love pilates anyway, and I'm nice and sore today, I LOVE that feeling. But I digress. Marin started getting fussy around 2 or so, and we thought maybe it was her belly. She was really struggling! She would be nursing and just squirming around and whimpering while trying to eat, it was so hard to console her. We tried some gas drops and rubbing her belly, and then we took her in the shower, because she loves that. It calmed her for a few minutes, and then she really started howling, so we took her out. I had noticed earlier in the day that she kept having eye boogers from her left eye, and I didn't know if she got something in her eye. In the shower, we both noticed that her left eye was swollen a little and she had more gunk draining from it. I was a little bummed, I really didn't want to deal with pink eye, but her eye wasn't red, and I wouldn't know until the next morning (today) if it was pinkeye. So we put her in her jammies and gave her some infant tylenol and some dinner and put her to bed at 5. She was ready, poor girl was just tuckered out.

The night was rough though. She was up about every hour or hour and a half, and I, am, exhausted. Blah. I think I got maybe 3 hours of sleep. I had made an appointment with the doctors office for this morning at 0930, because I was almost certain I would wake up (or more, discover) to a crusty swollen sealed shut eye. I was very happy to find it was much better :) So, I called to cancel and Marin has been napping most of the morning (busy night for the poor little bugger!) and I have been, awake. I'm hoping to get a nap in a little bit though.

Not much in store today, just make sure little one's eyeball is getting better. Maybe pick up a few groceries. Have a good Thursday!

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