Monday, October 6, 2008

Away we go?

Today is Monday, and it's Kris's Friday, so, last night I was just thinking to myself that we should go camping or something like that. And this morning, before Kris left for work, he actually suggested that we go camping. It's so funny how much Kris and I are on the same wavelength. So, I think today I'll look up someplace to go and pack some stuff so we can get out of here by the time Kris gets home. Everytime Kris and I go camping, we always make tin foil dinners. I LOVE tin foil dinners! Ever since I made them at girls camp waaaay back when, I just love getting any opportunity to make them (which is camping). If you've never made them, you have to try them, and the only way to make them is in an open fire. Some people claim you can make them in the oven, but they just aren't the same. They don't have that smokey flavor. Anyway, here's what you do:

Tin Foil Dinners:
You need: Ground Beef
Potato or 2
Onion slices
Package of Lipton Onion soup mix (dry stuff)
a little sliver of butter
a tablespoon of water

To Do: Make a patty out of the ground beef (or balls if you wish!)
Top with some onion slices (they need to be in the middle so they don't burn)
Put your potato and carrot chunks on top
Sprinkle on the soup mix, place butter on and pour in water
I should have mentioned that all of this is going onto at least a double layer of tin foil.
Wrap up your package securely and place meat side down in the hot coals, turn and flip until done, usually around 20 minutes or so.

So, I should have some pics when we get back:)


Tabitha said...

I LOVE tin foil dinners. I made them one time for Ben and he was really impressed. It's the onion soup mix that really makes it!

Scooter & Emi said...

Have fun!! I'll be waiting for pictures!! :D