Tuesday, September 30, 2008

all day computer time

Despite the title, and how fun it sounds, don't be fooled . This was not pleasant computer time. Blech! I spent the day, all day, searching for a physician for Kris and myself. What a nightmare. I wanted to puke my brains out! After finally finding a FREE website to compare docs, (that took an hour or so, and discovery of many websites you had to pay for), the discovery of this one was wonderful! You do have to become a member, but there is absolutely no charge, it's more like creating an account to sign in to (if anyone wants to go, it's www.ratemds.com). I searched for hours finding the better docs, and then I called them all to find out is they accepted our insurance, when their first appointments were, if they were accepting patients, etc. Only to find out that they either were not accepting patients, did not take our insurance, or did not accept our HMO (that was AFTER I had given all of our information), or their first appointment wasn't until the end of November, which was too late for what we needed. I just about pulled my hair out. But, now that it's over, I'm a happy girl again.

Kris helped a friend move last night after work, so I was at home with Marin all day, alone until around 8:30. Today Kris has off from work, so this morning I took baby to a class at the YMCA. It's an outdoor stroller class, and I wasn't sure how much of a workout it would be, but good grief! I am sore! It was from 9 to 9:45, and The instructor was FAST! My poor pelvic bones are so used to taking a nice leisurely waddle, and the walk was kind of hard. I'm not used to being the slow one in the group, let alone the one at the end of the line! That's embarrasing for me! It was a great class though, I met some cool girls and got a good workout. Marin was great, she slept pretty much to whole time!

Speaking of sleeping, we went to bed at midnight last night, and she woke up 0515 t be fed. NICE! I was so happy:)

So now, Kris an baby and I are going to get out of the house for the rest of the day. He played with Marin this morning, kicking her legs and stretching her arms above her head, making all sorts of fun noises. It was so cute! She was smiling and loving it! She was really talking to Kris, making all sorts of cooing noises and trying to talk. What a great thing to watch your husband be a great dad

A little look around on the chnging table

I love this one, this is during her nap, and she's all curled up, just adorable:)

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Scooter & Emi said...

You KNOW that sleeping picture has got to be just about how she was curled up in your tummy. :D I love that you went out for a mommy walking excursion! Doesn't it feel good to finally get to do something for YOU???

I remember the days when Jonathan had to work late or do something for church, etc., etc., and I was home with Baby Scooter by myself. Talk about rough! Whenever Jonathan would get home, especially in the early days, I'd hold his child out and say, "HERE. He's yours." And go hide before he could give the child back. *laughing* You're doing so GREAT!