Monday, October 27, 2008

Another trip!

My goodness, time flies! I'm not sure where I left off! Friday Kris and I left for Zion's National Park, we got there around 5 or so and had a hard time finding a campsite! The place was booked! Well, amost, we found one large enough to hold three tents, but it was by the road. Ugh. Ahh well. We set up our tent and got a fire going and waited for the rest of the family to arrive. They got to the site around 8:00 and we set up the whole she-bang, we practically had a kitchen right outside, it was great! We sat around and chatted for a while, and Kris's dad Duane brought a heater for our tent, so baby wouldn't get cold, so we took that in our tent before we went to bed. I think the heater was having some trouble, it would go out after about 4 hours, which also happened to be the coldest part of the night, and it was COLD! I think it got into the 30's! Brrr! Poor little Marin was just not used to the chilly weather. We pulled her into bed with us both nights because she was getting chilly. She was a little fussy on the trip, but I think it was the weather. On Saturday we went on a little hike through one of the canyons, it was sooo pretty. Then that night we had some chicken and dutch oven potatos (Oh, My, Goodness. DELICIOUS) and sat around the campfire with a guitar and sang songs and chatted and laughed. GREAT Therapy. Sunday we went through a ghost town in grafton Utah before we came home. Wonderful trip, but today yielded a lot smokey laundry to be done.

Marin is going to bed earlier, and I think she is enjoying it, or rather, she does not enjoy staying up late. She gets crazy fussy if it's getting too late, and she doesn't hear the sound of running water. Tonight was a little rough, but the little sweetie sleeps.

Here is the link to the pictures on the site, enjoy!

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