Thursday, October 16, 2008

A day away :)

Well, not a lot of commotion here at the Lyman house. I've had my stroller class on Tuesday and today, and my pilates class on Wednesday. It's been good. I can see a difference, and Kris looked at me yesterday and said "Honey, your thighs are getting thinner!". Yay! That's great news! He's such a good husband :)

Yesterday we went to Green Valley, it's not like how it sounds, it's just a little shopping area. We looked at some cool three wheeled strollers and went into my all time favorite store, my "candy store", Williams-Sonoma. I cannot express how much I love that store. All the kitchen gadgets and culinary extravaganza. It's a technical feast for the food-making junkies of the world. The cookware just glistens in the light , sitting on the shelf to be admired and lusted after. I know exactly what set I want. The All-Clad stainless steel 27 piece set. No coating on the inside, no nonstick surface, no copper, no bendy handles. I want the plain jane I-know-what-I'm-doing-in-the-kitchen set of cookware. Of course, it's a bit pricey, so no cookware for Samantha any time soon, but a girl can dream :)

We took some pictures in the outside walking area between the shops, it was a beautiful day, here they are!

Well, this one was actually today. I just wanted to show everyone just how much Marin LOVES her carseat. It is her best bud, and they get along JUST GREAT! (are you sensing the sarcasm?)

A little nap on her chaning pad while mama chatted on the phone. And no, we were not on the ground, it was a brick bench.
Standing up, with a little help from mom.

Snuggling with mom.

L:her little feet. I put some shoes on her, they were soooo cute, but she kept kicking them off.

That's it! Have a good one everybody!

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Claire and Dan said...

Thanks for finding me! Your baby is beautiful. How was labor and delivery? I was looking forward to medication, but ended up going natural like we talked about this summer. How did you manage?