Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sprained by Pumpkin!

Well, last night Kris and I carved pumpkins! There is nothing more fun than carving pumpkins, it's so great. While we were carving them, we uh, kind of got into a pumpkin gut fight. I don't really know who won, but I'm still peeling pumpkin guts off of the wall :) And finding seeds too. When we went to pick out our pumpkins, we went to a cute little place across the street from wal-mart. Some independent little pumpkin place with rides and cotton candy. So, we were trying to find out how much the pumpkins were. . . 12$ ! I couldn't believe how expensive they were! Whatever! I was not about to pay 12$ for a pumpkin that wasn't gi-normous! So. . . we went to Food-4-Less and paid 3$ each for 2 pumpkins, that's a little more my style :)

And as for the title? I think I sprained my wrist carving pumpkins. I guess I must have been carving a little to vigorously! That night my right wrist was a little sore and the next morning it looked slightly swollen, so I wrapped it up and I think it's healing now.

I put Marin in bed last night at 6:30, she was soooo fussy, all day long she was being a real pill, she ddn't want to take a bottle for her dad, just being a pill. I put her to bed and she fussed for an hour and then made intermittent noises for another half an hour before she finally drifted off. She was crazy tired. Kris actually made dinner lst night! I love it when my hunny cooks for me. He made spaghetti, garlic bread and peas. Such a good guy!

I tried making homemade chocolate pudding last night, and I took the recipe from a chocolate cookbook Kris got for me last year, from the Sharfen-berger chocolate makers, very swanky recipes. This is probably the 4th recipe I've tried from the book, and it didn't turn out. It was more like really thick chocolate milk than pudding. It's too bad because I try a lot of recipes, and 98% of them turn out great, but none have turned out well from this swanky cookbook. Strange.

Picture time!

I was browsing through some photos and thought I'd post a couple. This one is from our honeymoon. We were in the Bahamas for this pic, in a limo on our way to Paradise Island, the HUGE hotel on the island. Good times! We both had a little color in our cheeks, and look healthy :)

This one is just a few days before Kris and I got married, I was doing a few dishes before I headed off to work. Look how skinny I used to be! Working on it. I have about 16 more pounds until I'm almost as skinny as this pic.

This is a spooky picture of our pumpkins all lit up last night. Mine is on the left, Kris's is on the right.

A daylight pic. Marin's pumpkin is in the front.

The aftermath of our pumpkin gut fight last night. You can't really see just how gross we were, but we were gross. We needed to hop in the shower after we took this pic.

We put Marin in her little scooter thingy yesterday, even though her feet don't touch the floor. She was totally reaching for that little toy in the front. Soon she'll be abl to grab at it!

So much to look at!

Studying. . . Studying. . . Studying!

And, hopefully this loaded, this is a video I shot of Marin this afternoon. She was making noises, and I caught some on the camera. Enjoy! Ok, well, it didn't load, I'll try agan later :)

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