Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A camping we will. . . went!

Ok, camping. We actually went last night instead of the night before, and it was. . . an experience? I guess? We ended up leaving the house yesterday around 4, and went to Valley of Fire state park, up north about 45 minutes. A wonderful drive once we got off the freeway. The road was curvy and went all over the place, up and down, very reminiscent of what my family calls the "whee road" in NY. Our campsite was tucked away in it's own little open face cave almost. Very cool rock formations on 3 sides (mostly chosen so that other campsites wouldn't be able to hear a crying baby as much).

We set up our tent and had tin foil dinners. I was soooo excited for them, and they were wonderful! I ate almost my whole dinner! Not usual for me now that I have lost my appetite thanks to, having a baby I think, I still don't know. But anyway, VERY tasty. Then we made s'mores. Yay! I love s'mores, and haven't had them in so long. I only had 3, but I felt sick afterwards, I think it was just too much food.

And how did Marin do, you ask? Well, OK, maybe. We went to bed early, and I listened to her grunt, all. . . night. . . long. She is a noisy sleeper anyway, but myabe i was just ultra sensitive being in a tent, because I didn't get much sleep. Then she started waking up every hour, and then at 4 am, I finally layed her (crying) on Kris and rolled over. The dutiful guy he is took her into the car to sleep so mama could get some sleep. Then he made breakfast! Pancakes and eggs :)

Camping was great, but I think we need to wait until Marin isn't so high maintenance. Ok, so LOTS of pics for you. I know some people like looking at rocks, so here you go!:

Oh, this is a scary hole up in the way back
of our campsite. Something lives in there
I think, ready to chew off one of your
body parts.

This morning Marin taking a quick snooze
on daddy's shoulder:)

Left: This has become on of Marin's favorite spots to hang out, belly down on mama's left arm.
Below: A birds eye view of our little campsite.

Left: Kris standing waaay up on the rocks in our campsite, where I took the above picture from.
Below: The back of our campsite. These rocks were CRAZY funky, all hole-y and cool.

The above pic, I think the very top rock looks like a dinosaur head!

This is the campsite across from ours. luckily empty, because Marin did some crying.

This is the last one! I think that's plenty of rock pictures for a few months at least, right?

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