Sunday, October 12, 2008

Postcard Baby :)

Here is Sunday, again. It's amazing how quickly the weeks go by! Pretty soon I'll have to go back to work! :( Even though it won't be full time, the thought of leaving my little girl is very difficult to swallow. I've only been away from her for a few hours here and there, and she'll spend the day with her papa when I do go back to work, but even still. I miss her when she takes a nap (although that's not to say I don't appreciate the break). I must say, even though I said so last night, the weather is WONDERFUL out here now! I am so happy now! Kris thinks I'm silly. We went to Wal-Mart last night and he was muttering aout how cold it was. I, on the other hand, am happy as a clam to have nice cool breezes and chilly nights. I feel much more at home with the autumn weather here.

Church was nice. Marin was awake for most of it, so I had a hard time paying attention. I see now why parents spend more time studying their scriptures at home (besides setting an example for their kids), they don't get to pay attention in church, no wonder!

Tonight is our friend Josh's birthday, he and his wife had their baby 8 days ago, and we're getting together around 5 tonight. So, when Kris gets done with work, we'll be headed out. I need to mak something to take, not sure what, but I'll think of something.

Not much this week, here are some pics from today, her little outfit is SOOO cute!

This is from last night actually, Marin was hungry and looking for food. Not much on daddy's chest though!

And the cat, she was trying to get the camera strap while I was taking the picture.

L:Marin standing up with her dress on
Below: I tried propping her up on a pillow, but she kind of flopped to one side. She stands up great though! And supports her head too!

L:This on is my favorite. Her hat on and a cute little smirk on her face, she really is such a doll!
Below: A full shot of her outfit, and a smile too!

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Scooter & Emi said...

I'm all caught up! Your mom caught me off guard when I talked to her on Sunday--she wanted to know if I had heard about your camping trip. Nooooooooo, I had to confess, I hadn't been over to the blog in a few days! It's been so busy! :) But now I'm all caught up, and saved a few pictures that made me happy. That little girl is ADORABLE! But you know that already. :)