Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sunday, Conference Sunday!

I am so glad for conference! I remember I used to hate conference weekened when I was younger. The only thing that was good was getting to sit in a dark chapel and chatter with my friends, and the dish-to-pass in between sessions. Now it's much different, I love listenting to all of the great advice our general authorities have to offer. They really do care about the members of the church, and the people of the world. The words they speak are meant to uplift and bring peace to everyone's mind. They are not meant to belittle or persecute or judge. I think things change so much when you have a child. I look at my daughter and want her to make such good choices. I want to be with my family forever. I couldn't imagine being without her in the eternities. I can't be with her if any of us don't live up to our potential. That makes my responsiblity so much greater, to teach her the things she should know to make those choices. Before, it was just me, and then it was Kris and I. Now, it's our family too. I know how much it irritates me when other people try to give me advice on what's wrong with my baby if she's crying, or how I can fix it. I can only imagine how frustrated our father in heaven gets when we try to tell HIM what the best way is to teach His children. Our children are just in our care, they are really HIS children. This is why I have grown to love conference more and more. It helps put things into perspective, and make me a better person, a better wife for my husband, and a better mother for my little girl.

Since Thursday, the weekend has been pretty quiet. A little bit of grocery shopping on Friday. I am sick of going to Smith's and spending crazy amounts of money for food (no offense, they are a wonderful store). When we lived closer to the city, I would buy my bulk items at Sam's club, and everything else at Food-4-Less, a store in the same company as Smith'. but MUCH cheaper. Mostly I think because a lot of the store items are packaged in Spanish. I don't care about that. Kris speaks spanish, problem solved. So sonce we've been way up in the NorthWest side of town, we don't have a Food-4-Less right down the street. I went to one anyway on Friday, and was very happy to have purchased a bunch of produce and other items for about 30$. That's my kind of shopping:) I can spend money like everyone else, but at heart, I'm a penny pincher! Well, maybe it's the other way around.

Today I edited some pictures for a frame I bought for Kris, to put on his desk at work. They look really nice, and he needs some family pics at work to make hime smile. I think he likes us! ;).

Lots of photos for you today!:

Here is Marin taking a snooze in her bouncy seat today, in her little dress. So cute! The only problem is the top part, it flips up in her face.

Sitting on the futon watching conference. It's a no-makeup day, yikes!

Taking another snooze, this time with mama.

Marin's first nap in the swing. She usually hates the swing, but she slept for 3 hours in it! Sunday's are usually sleepy day's for her anyway. I think she just goes home to visit Heavenly Father when she sleeps.

Last night, Sadie was under the coffee table, playing. The pictures are a little blurry though, she's pretty quick.

She loves hiding and then pouncing (what cat doesn't like that?!). So I played with her last night.

Marin last night under her jungle gym. Kris was playing with her, and here he's maiking the little duck squeek.

She loves looking at the colors and hearing the noises.

I kept moving from one side of her to the other to get a pic of her face, and she kept turning the opposite way, little stinker!

Here's Marin still playing with daddy!

The weather has FINALLY cooled off enough to my satisfaction, I am SOOO happy. It's probably in the mid 80's right now. Very nice and cool for Las Vegas. this morning it was in te low 70's, brrrr! Isn't that sad, at least for a north-eastern girl!
Last night we went to see our friends, they just had a baby (and can you believe, she was 7 pounds 4 ounces and 20" long too! Just like Marin!). Coming out of the hospital, it was CRAZY windy and much cooler than the day. That evening, we had a pleasant surprise. RAIN! We never get rain, so I was sitting by the window and heard water hitting the window. I thought it was the broken sprinkler (it's a total ferrell sprinkler, shoots like a garden hose!), so I told Kris to go look at it, and he opened the door, and it was really, honest to goodness raining. Not the sad little sprinkles we always get, but real, hard rain. And it rained for about half an hour! It was wonderful. Ahh well, enough of that, Enjoy Conference everyone!

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