Thursday, October 9, 2008

Sore muscles

So, Tuesdays and Thursdays there is a stroller class at the YMCA Kris and I have memberships at. It's nice because it's a class that Marin comes with me to work out (well, she stays in the stroller), and I can get a workout! I think I had mentioned that it's actually qute rigorous, and Tuesday was no exception. We went through a park that has a little ampitheater with a hill people can sit on and very steep paths on either side. We did a few rounds around on the hill, then quite a few lunges and plie (like the ballerina, but I can't make the little accent with my computer, it sounds like plee-yay, you know what I mean!) squats, and regular squats, then worked out with some exercise bands with our arms. Oh-my-gosh. I woke up yesterday SOOOOO sore, my legs were wobbly, I couldn't bend down halfway, or I would collapse! What a great workout! I love that sore feeling, knowing my muscles are strong, and my jiggly fat is going away. I seem to be having a hard time getting past this little weight plateau, yuck. Marin seems to be getting chubbier though, so that means at least some of my fat is going away right?

Not much on the menu today. Maybe a nap for me if Marin will permit, we'll see. and I HAVE to clean up the bedroom, it's a nightmare. It's the one place no one else see's, so it's last on the list to clean, and by the time I get done with the kitchen, the living room and downstairs, the bathrooms and carpets, I'm tired! I don't want to clean anymore! But, tonight, I going to make dinner for my friend Jody and her husband Josh, they had their baby on Saturday, so I figured that dinner would be nice. Not sure what I'll make, but cooking is always a fun distraction for me anyway.

Marin is napping, so I need to do a few crunches on this still flabby belly and steal a quick shower to rinse off the sweat from this morning's workout. Have a good Thursday, and smile, for us at least, tomorrow is payday! Yay!

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