Saturday, October 1, 2011

Camping with Daddy

I have an awesome husband, just so you know.  After a ton of hard work mostly on the part of our brother in law and Kris, we have grass in our backyard...this I tell you for a reason.  Kris promised Marin that he would take her camping (in the back yard) when we got home from NY.  So, now that there is grass, we were all systems a-go! 

 Owen was our supervisor,

 Such a happy face.  Mr. Happy!
 Marin now has a sandbox to play in!
 Such a pretty yard!  The top level level is bare for a future vegetable garden and a fire pit, saweeeT!
 Just can't get enough ;)
 There she is, peeking out of the tent.
 Helping daddy.
 Funny girl.

 Enjoying a hot dog before "smarshmallows".
 Daddy and his posse. 
It was kind of a sleepless night for everyone.  Owen was up with a stuffy nose and was pretty upset, and Marin had a bad dream in the tent and then she and daddy were inside for breakfast at 7am, phew! little girl had a sleepover in a tent with daddy, and there is no replacement for that.

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