Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Ironic Twist of Marriage Vows

When Kris and I were married, we vowed to spend this life and the next together.  To love each other and always work hard to keep our marriage strong.  We also later made the decision to have children.  Huh.

Today my husband left for work at 6am, and I woke up at 7:30 to hear Marin yelling "Mommmmyyyy...." hoping she wouldn't wake Owen...well, that was silly, of course he woke up.  So we rushed through breakfast as we do every morning (apparently children are frantic after 10 hours without food) and dressed and Owen napped while I did dishes and laundry.  After he woke up we dressed him and fed him and bundled up and headed to the gym for a quick workout and an overhead page to come pick up my feverish daughter so we could head home for Tylenol and juice and lunch and naps and a shower for me and more laundry and hide and seek and stories while we waited for daddy to come home at 4 so I can start dinner and feed Owen then eat dinner *inhale* and bathe children and prepare for nighttime potty training then kiss my daughter and my husband and go grocery shopping to the tune of Hoobastank and OneRepublic.  Then I can come home and eat a piece of toast with peanut butter finishing just in time to spend half an hour with my husband until Owen decides his gums hurt and he needs some attention and Marin needs to sit on the potty.  By this point, it's already 9:30 and my husband needs to go to bed, so I steal a 10 minute overage and snuggle with my hubby while I listen to my son work his very capable big-boy lungs.

At 10pm I've retreated to the couch with a computer on my lap and an episode of The Office, and a realization of life's cruel irony.  After my solemn vows to spend this life and beyond with my amazing husband...I don't know as though we really get to spend much gosh darn time together!  That's seems as though my very serious and eternal decision to spend our lives and eternity together has been thwarted by our decision to follow yet another commandment and ...well...have children.  Ahhh yes, true irony indeed.

This can only mean ONE thing.  It's *really* **reeeallyyyy** time for date night.  Groupon here I come.

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Tabitha said...

Ah yes. I know the feeling. Hope you find a good groupon!!