Saturday, October 15, 2011

Optional Reading

I've been wanting an opportunity to document and share my birth experience with Owen for a while, without appearing too pushy! As you may know, I had an un-medicated delivery with Owen and in the months following, I have become extremely passionate about natural childbirth. While I know that it isn't something everyone wants to read about or even agrees with, I've put my experience at the top, in the extra pages, as a separate addition to my blog. This way, I can share a few more details of my incredible experience while allowing readers to choose whether or not this is something they want to read. I do ask that if it's not something you agree with, please keep any remarks to yourself, as this page is an optional reading experience.

I'll start with Marin's medicated birth experience, and later, post Owen's unmedicated birth experience, so you may need to check back if you are interested in reading them both.

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Christy Wheeler said...

I am super excited to read both of them! I had an epidural with Benton and am going to try natural this time. Every day my desire to try it grows. I think it would be a better experience. I have been trying to read up on the Bradley Method to get me a little more prepared for it.