Thursday, October 27, 2011

Bathtub Babies

Ok, every parent has to have a few of these pictures to show future boyfriends/girlfriends, right?   I figured these pics were safe, everything is pretty well covered.  And they are my sweet babies, all clean and cute, awwwww!

Ok, if this picture doesn't show parental resemblance, I don't know any other picture that will!  Marin has so many of Kris's features and Owen is totally my boy....Owens family features for sure (so glad we named him accordingly!).

 Marin splashing her little brother, of course.  Owen had his fair share of splashing, too.
 Owen just *loves* his big sister.  He thinks she is just the cats meow.  And he is always looking upon her with wonder and awe and anticipation.  She doesn't disappoint, she loves her little bro just as much!
 Those two, they are just HAM'S together!  I have no idea what Marin is doing in this picture, but Owen is responding accordingly I suppose.  They are so silly together.
*Sigh*, my sweet babies are getting so big! 

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Tabitha said...

Oh they are just so cute!!! Love those pretty ice blue eyes ;)