Monday, October 3, 2011

A Little Family Update

I have just a few minutes to write a quick update on our little family, since I *really* need to go to bed!

Kristoffer:  Is working!  Yay!  He was able to get an internship at Zion's Bank on their trading, stocks and bonds, etc.  If you ask me to get a little more specific about this...I can't!  I am completely clueless as to what happens on a trading floor.  It's a totally new industry for Kris also, so he has been loving being able to learn new things everyday.  He is also studying for his series 7 license (?) so that he will be able to do this for a job should he be hired on.  I hope I got all of that right...So, he has to be there by 6:30am at the latest, but that means he's done by 3pm.  So far he's hanging in there!

Me:  Uhhhhh, well, not too exciting.  Being a mom is pretty routine, literally!  We wake up at 8am, usually go to the gym around 10:30ish, home for lunch, naps,  play, make dinner, eat, family time, baths, bed.  Seriously.  Since I've been going to the gym, I've gained 6 pounds...yes, I'm sure you can imagine my delight.  Nonetheless, I will keep going.  NEVER give up!!!

Marin:  In the past 6 weeks she has become amazing articulate.  It is incredible to talk with her and realize how much she can comprehend and respond in complete sentences.  We are working on her ABC's with some printouts from the internet I tied up into a little book for her.  Each day we try to do one letter.  We are working on counting to 15 (past 10), and she has been enjoying a puzzle/matching game she got for her birthday.  Mealtime is improving somewhat if we make a game out of it.  She likes to pretend we are going to eat her food so she'll eat so we "can't".  I would normally not be OK with this as I want to reaffirm the principle of obedience, but she understands it's a game and thinks it's funny.  Still a great sister and loves making her little brother laugh.

Owen:  Such a mama's boy...really, he is!  And, I have to admit, I kind of like it ;)  He LOVES mama and it is the sweetest thing ever.  About 6 weeks ago he sprouted his first tooth, and today I noticed a second one has joined the party!  So now he has two little pearly whites on the bottom.  All of this teething has been ROUGH.  He is very restless when he is teething and does not sleep well.  We like Tylenol around here!  Owen has also been mastering his "mama" for about 2 weeks.  It is SO...DARN...CUTE!!!  He will see me and want some attention and out it comes "Maaamammaaammmaaaa".  Oh my goodness, how can you say no to that?!  I wasn't sure if he understood what he was saying, but he waits until he see's me to let it loose.  My mom weighed him last week in NY and he weighed in at 19 pounds, which puts him in the 75th percentile for weight.  I haven't had a chance to check his length, but I will do that soon.  He is a happy, healthy, hungry boy with delicious cubby thighs, it doesn't get much better than that!

I have a few more posts backlogged, so I'll head to bed and hopefully get on the ball tomorrow!

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