Wednesday, October 26, 2011

New Fall Wreath!

So, two years ago I made myself an *adorable* little wreath, and I LOVE it.  I used a grapevine wreath and some of the super nice fake flowers in perfect fall colors and just stuffed 'em in there!  You may remember it...

 This year, I went to Enrichment Night and had signed up to make this corn husk wreath.  It took about an hour or so to put together, and I think it is super cute!  I wanted a perfect burnt orange ribbon to tie on it, and went to JoAnn fabrics with *no* luck (blah).  BUT....I did find some perfect burnt orange chiffon fabric, bought a yard of it and made my own!  I am so happy with the wreath, and it looks FABULOUS on our front's just so festive!!! 

If you want to make this wreath, buy a big 'ol package of dried cornhusks and put them in a big bowl of warm water to soften for about 5 minutes.  Take each husk and rip them into about 1 inch wide strips (measured at the bottom) and use three together, fan them out and secure them to a foam wreath with special craft pins (they look like a flat "U").  It's really pretty easy when you get into a rhythym, and I was told: "More is Less"...yes.  It will be wet and gross when you're done, and it won't look very "fluffy" and pretty.  Let it dry overnight and it will perk right up!

I recommend using a simple, plain fabric...only since there is so much detail in the corn husks, but use something that's got some reflective shimmer in there, since the cornhusks are not shimmery, you need some shine!  It's all about balance here!


clarissa said...

that turned out so great! I love the color of ribbon and it goes great with your door.
Thank you for having us over! We had such a nice time and cannot wait to get together again with you guys. I would have you over here, but our place is in major upheaval with all the packing.
Thanks for all your words of wisdom, they always motivate me and remind me of what is really important.

Christy Wheeler said...

I love wreaths, I might need one like that too. Thanks for the instructions.

The fabric for the chair cost $15 by the way. Why isn't fabric cheaper?! But still $18 for the chair isn't bad.