Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

I was actually prepared this year for Halloween, who knew!!  In years past, I've been shamefully unprepared and putting together last minute costumes or dashing out to get candy at the last second.  Well not this year!  Costume?  Done last week.  Candy?  Bought last week.  Plans?  Foiled by a teething baby boy :(

Marin decided she wanted to be a ghost this year, so I was about to hunt for a cute costume online to sew her one...and my friend saved me from any trouble.  She found a great ghost costume on Pinterest and showed it to me, I loved it!  So I recreated it.

Isn't she cute?!  It's a little white tutu, a white shirt that I've ironed black patches onto, and a knit white cap with a black bow sewn onto it.  SUPER easy and WAY cute!

 Making her spooky ghost sound...Ooooooooooh!
 Oh, our little buddy.  He just struggles with *every* tooth he cuts, and today was no exception.  Red cheeks, fever, runny nose, super sleepy, irritable.  Poor guy.  He's cutting his top left front tooth now...yikes, I can't wait for the molars....  ANYWAY, he was in his froggy costume for about half and hour until he decided he was ready for bed.
 Awww, my little froggy and my man.  Kristoffer loves his little guy, and Owen LOVES daddy :)
 Ready to head out the door!
 And she's off!  Mama stayed home with froggy.
 Spooky ghostie face comin' you're way!!
 Look at my big girl doing that all by herself!
Hmmm, that door looks familiar....

 "Trick or Treat, mamaaaaa!"   Oh yeah, that's US! 

Marin LOVE Trick-or-Treating.  She told daddy when they were out that this was her favorite day this year.  Wow! 

We had grand plans to do our gym visit, have lunch and naps and head to GG's and then down to Bestemor's to trick-or-treat there, but Owen had other plans.  He slept for about 10 minutes until Marin went down for her nap.  Then complained in his crib while I ate my lunch, so I finally pulled him out so Marin could sleep and the poor fella looked like death warmed over :(  crusty nose, big black circles under his eyes, red cheekers....he was a pretty sad sight.  I doctored him up with some tylenol and wiped his crusties away and fed him and snuggled, and finally put him down for a nap long enough to take a shower.  Marin was tinkering around in the room when I was done, so I pulled her out and we played a little together.  And of course dinner must be made and by that point we were HOURS behind schedule.  I've learned with kids to just....go with it.  Grand plans mean *nothing* to children, so I have to let it go and be ok with that.  We will go visit GG tomorrow and see Bestemor very soon, so all will be well.

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