Wednesday, January 28, 2009

All Night Long

Yesterday was really quite lovely. Well behaved babies and the anticipation of today's date night. And then nightime came. :( Poor monkey caught a cold. She went to bed at 7:30 and we could hear her rustling around in bed quite a bit, and then she was up at 11:30 and every 2 hours after that, with some singing and rocking in between. She was stuffy and had a cough, and judging that my throat was sore, I could only think that her's must have been sore too. When she got up at 2 am, I tried to feed her, but she was so plugged up she couldn't breathe! So, I started my hunt or the buld syringe. . . at 2 am. Ugh. I was looking EVERYWHERE, and no luck. The last I had remembered having it was when we went to Atlanta for Christmas, and the doctor said to be sure we took it just in case. So I said a little prayer (maybe a little selfishly on my part. I didn't want to drive to the store at 2am) and started rummaging through our luggage we took. Lo and behold, it was stuffed in her carry on bag that was in her closet. Marin was promptly sucked out (which she still hates for wondering readers) and fed.

So, it was a rough night, and I am exhausted. I put her down this morning for a nap, and fell back into bed myself, only to get back up half an hour later with baby. I took her into a nice warm shower with me too, and I think it helped to clear her out some, but she's napping now, and I'm just hanging out in my trusty sweats :) Unfortunately, date night will have to be postponed. Ahh well, maybe next week.

Last night before Kris came home from work, my visiting teacher came over and while she was finishing up her lesson, the power went out! Yikes! Now,I am not such a fan of the dark, so I was really, really glad she was there. I was actually holding a battery powered light up toy for Marin at the time, so using that, I groped my way to the kitchen to find the lighter and lit some candles. She finished her lesson and hung out until Kris came home (sweet friend she is!). After Kris came home, I used the lighter to lite our gas stove and made chicken chili by candlelite :) And then we had dinner by candlelite, just the two of us! It was really nice, and even though the power came back on in the middle, we just shut the lights off to finish out dinner.

A few pics!

Marin was doing a little light reading yesterday. The Very Hungry Caterpillar. I read it to her sometimes, but our story goes more like: "Look at the the little worm! (page turn) He's really hungry! (page turn) He ate a leaf! (page turn) And all this other food!" You get the point. She likes it though :)

She loooves the colors in this book. And she more enjoys chewing on the corners of it.

Have a good one!

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