Sunday, February 1, 2009

I see London, I see Greece, I see chubby baby cheeks!

Oh the weekend is over. :) Friday and Saturday were work days and I am always glad when it's over! I almost wasn't sure if I could work on Friday though. Marin has been sick, and I think she caught the second round of her cold Thursday night, she was pretty congested and had a dry cough. Fortunately her cough has loosened up quite a bit and the snot is just pouring from her nose, so I'm hoping the worst is over! Maybe a little for my sake, staying up with a sick baby all night is no fun!

Kris had his first week at work off of orientation and I think he's really enjoying himself :) I took him lunch the other day and I finally got to see his cubicle! Hooray! He has never worked in a cubicle before, so it makes us kinda laugh. I printed off a bunch of bright pictures of our cute family for him to hang up, so it brightens up the oh-so-happy beige.

Today I stayed home with the still sick monkey. I was hoping she was getting better, and this morning she had a bit of a fever, so we hung out. I also made a meal for a sister in the ward who just had a baby. I took her some homemade chicken noodle soup, fresh baked bread and some mini lemon cup/chessecakes with raspberry topping. Yum! Of course I made sure there was a bunch leftover for us too. Neither Kris or I can pass up the fresh baked bread that I make with a nice salty crispy crust. It is to DIE for! You know that scene in the movie Ratatouille where the girl asks the guy, Linguini, how you tell a good loaf of bread without tasting it? And she says "By ze sound" (in her French accent) and cracks the crispy crust with her hands. That's the kind of crust we had. D-Licious.

I'm hoping tht tomorrow Marin will be feeling well enough for mama to go to the gym. I didn't go last week and it's kinda showing, so let's hope she'll have given those nasty germs the boot by tomorrow morning.

Kris and I were playing with Marin on the fouton tonight and she was just a peach! So cute! We were helping her to roll from her back to her front. She has been sooooo close for a couple of weeks, but can't quite seem to get over that one pesky arm. So, we put her on the fouton and angled her a bit so the slant would help, and she did it! She rolled from her back to her front! Only twice, and with just a wee mite of gravitational assistance, but at least she knows how it feels to roll over. We were very excited!

Picture time!

Marin was laying on Kris's chest and she started sucking on his nose. He was laughing so hard! Not just because she was slobbering on his nose, but because she was sticking her tongue up his nostrils! Eeeew!
Daddy always gets big smiles from his little girl! She loves her papa so much!

One of her latest things, well, in the last 3 weeks has been put put her slobbery little fingers inside your mouth. She just thinks mouths are the coolest thing. So, your face gets pretty gross as she tries to grab your mouth.

Assessing the daddy face.

I put her toy on her head and she thought it was pretty dang funny. Look at those chubby baby cheeks!

When we first put Marin in her walker, her legs would just kinda hang there, but now they are flat on the floor! She is getting so big! We'll have to put the walker height level up to the next notch soon!

She reeeeeaally wanted the camera string to chew on.

Kitty cat in the bathroom. I think she thought she was about to get tossed in the shower, look at her face.
Marin was fascinated with the faucet, and seeing what happened when you push that funny little knob on the top :)

How does that thing work guys? I can't figure it out!
Oh! I bought a new sock wardrobe! They were on sale at, of all places, the grocery store, and most of my socks have holes in them, so I figured it might be appropriate to replace them all. And they were all either white or black and had all the colors of the rainbow, amazing!

Enjoy the day!

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