Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The most AMAZING discovery. . . EVER!

Marin has recently discovered some cool new toys to play with, and fortuately, she can't drop them so she can watch mommy pick them up (which, I think she enjoys more than she should!). She has discovered her feet! She hasn't really cared a hoot about them until about a week ago, when she was taking a bath, and saw these awfully funny phalanged, soft, warm wiggly things. There is nothing cuter than watching a chubby baby grab her feet and roll around with a smile on her face :)

Well, I was a busy lady yesterday. I watched my friends baby, along with my cute monkey, and it was . . . busy. Madeline, the babe, was really quite good, but there was a time I had her propped up on pillows feeding her, and was nursing Marin at the same time! It seemed like the whole day, they were never asleep at the same time, so all I did all day was feed and change diapers and play and put babies to sleep. Yikes! I'm glad I don't have twins, or more!

Last night I went to a friends house for dinner. She and her husband and 2 year old little girl and 6 month old future-boyfriend-for-Marin moved into the ward about 3 months ago. I was impressed! Dinner was soooo good! chicken satueed with red peppers, tomatoes and prosciutto, served over bowtie pasta. It was really good! It sounded like something that I would make! We also had asparagus and some garlic rolls too. Super yummy:)

Today we have a few things on the schedule. After I post this, I'll feed little girl some rice cereal, and put her down for a nap, while I get ready for the gym. I have a pilates class at 1030, then home and lunch and nap for Marin, and some cleaning for some house guests this weekend (Yay! I'm so excited!), I need to plant a rosebush in a pot that I have, and start preparing a lesson for YW on Sunday, my first lesson! I'm very excited.

Miss Marin in her walker

She has these striped pajamas that are just soooo cute, I love them, they are the footie PJ's, hat just make babies so cuddly.

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Scooter & Emi said...

Those jammies are adorable!! It makes me want to nuzzle her!