Sunday, January 4, 2009

He's leaving. . . on a jet plane :(

Ahh parting is such sweet sorrow :( Kristoffer left for Denver this afternoon and I am a lonely wife. . . already! I always miss him whenever he leaves, even for work, and this is no exception. He's in Denver for some training for his new job at the University of Phoenix, and he'll be gone until Friday night. Yuck. Luckily, the girls at church are super nice and when they heard of my lonely home that is minus a patriarch this week, I had lots of invites to come hang out and come over for dinner this week. So, even though I am missing my hunny terribly, I have to look at it as a week with some girly fun. Besides, those who know. . . know how sweet a homecoming reunion is with your spouse ;)

So, of course, with the new year already here, I think it's appropriate to share some of my resolutions, and what better way to help keep those resolutions than to make sure EVERYONE knows them, so they can check in on you!
1) Go to the temple more often
2) Find more time to read my scriptures, with and without Kris
3) Be more consistent with family home evenings
4) Punch up my personal prayers a little
5) Eat healthier, and cut back on the choc-O-late! (who doesn't have this resolution?!)
6) Get back to my exercise regime, so I can shed those last 10 pounds to my goal (for this year at least)
7) Work on my organizational skills :)
8) Join a comittee at work (it earns bonus points for next years raise)
9) Keep spending as much time as possible with my family
10) Take some cooking classes

By the way, I am gnoshing on some totally delish leek soup that I made tonight. I have always wanted to try and make it, and the flavor it absolutely wonderful! Sooooo good, and fairly healthy I guess. I'll post the recipe soon, it was reeeeeaallly easy:)

Today Kris dressed Marin for church, and I had him put her in her little white dress, because I have a pink jacket and matching bonnet that I wore when I was little, and she was soooooo stinkin cute. Here are some pics:

It was a little on the big side, well, not the hat, the hat was a perfect fit for her large noggin.
Look at that sweet face! She was just adorable in this outfit.

Oh, and here's Sadie, just hanging out.
Look at the camera!

I'm not too keen on how I look in this pic, but monkey looked really cute, so here you have it.

A side profile of her bonnet.

Oh, and, our church schedule has changed, to everyone's dismay. Church starts at 1pm, with Relief Society, gosepl doctrine and then sacrament meeting at 3pm. Ugh. Not only is the day totally shot, but I feel all . . . backwards! It's WIERD!

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