Sunday, January 18, 2009

Viewer Discretion is Advised

Today is Monday and Kris just left for Denver again. I'm glad that he at least didn't have to leave as early this time around, so it was nice to have that extra day and a half with my husband. He'll be back Friday night, and he won't need to go to Denver, or anywhere else, again :)

This morning we went out on a mission. To find me some clothes. I know I know, certainly not a priority for us, however. . . .let me s'plain! I have had such a hard time wearing clothes, but in particular, church clothes. EVERY single sunday morning I stand in my closet on the verge of tears because I have all of these clothes, but I can't fit into any of them, and church clothes are especially hard. I have about 2 shirts I can wear, and 2 skirts. For those math junkies out there, that's a grand total of 4 outfits. This is not just because of extra baby fat, but the girth of my ribs has expanded, making most of my shirts not fit. Anyway, this last Sunday was the breaking point. I have kept refusing to buy new clothes, but yesterday morning after a frustrating half an hour of changing my 4 outfits, Kris walked into the room and told how lovely I looked, and I snapped at him. :( I felt so bad. After that, I agreed to get a few items, so as not to snap at my wonderful hunny anymore. We went to DI to see what kinds of inexpensive treasures we could find, and then to Kohls to hit the super sale racks:) I did find a few good things, so hopefully this Sunday will be a little easier on the nerves!

Sunday was a good day though! I got to dress my cute Marin in the most adorable dress (courtesy of the sales rack in Babies-R-Us) and pink shoes, and, (easy dad, you may want to sit down for this one!) a big fat flower on her head. That's right, I put a flower on my daughters head. I have to keep up with west coast baby fashion! She was absolutely adorable! Just the cutest little bug EVER! She could be on TV:) After church on Sunday, we had some friends down from Mesquite and had a yummy dinner of spaghetti with roasted peppered chicken and a light garlic cream sauce, gruyere cheese puffs, and steamed vegetables. They were so nice and brought some Christmas gifts for us!

This past week, I had my yearly review at work. :? It actually went very well. My manager had very good things to say, and even gave me a project for this year. She wants me head up a committee for policy review. Yeah, well, I guess I've stirred up enough crap-o policies for her to take notice, and she said I would be just the person for the job :) Well, I already knew that! So, all went well :) Work has been super busy anyway, so I have been relieved when my two days are done and I can come hom and snuggle with my family.

Oh, and Marin has been really funny lately. Anywhere we go, I usually hold her on my hip with one arm, facing the world, so she can see. Well, she sees so many things she wants to touch and hold, so she'll hold out both of her arms and reach as far as she can for ANYTHING she can get her hands on, it really is sooo funny:)

Ok, picture time, and, as the title states, Viewer Discretion is Advised. She may just be too cute to look at, and careful, I told you about this flower on her head, so here it is!

Here she is reaching for a spinning light globe :)

This one is my favorite, she is reaching with both of her hands, like I mentioned, and it is jusst adorable.

Her little pink shoes. The only ones that fit right now.

Here is the huge flower! I actually made that headband myself. A pair of white baby tights sewn together and a fake flower from Wal-Mart, I sewed that on too. It turned out well!
Oh, the dress! I LOVE this dress. The top is chocolate brown and the bottom is a shiney sheer fabric with tulle underneath. Just adorable.

Happy Baby!

Have a good one guys!

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Scooter & Emi said...

I love that you made the bow!! So creative!