Thursday, January 15, 2009


Marin monkey this morning weighed in at a whopping 16 pounds! She is getting soooo big! We weren't sure it was right, so we weighed her twice, but, she is 16 pounds. I can't get over that she is over twice as big as she was when she was born. Before I know it, it will time for another baby! Just kidding, that's a ways off in the future :)

Not much in the cards for today. Marin and I, I think, will be going for a nice long walk. I was thinking of going to the gym, but I feel more like getting outside, so that means monkey needs to come with me if I want some fresh air. We do have some friends coming over for dinner tonight with their 2 kids. The little boy is 2, and their little girl Lilly is 7 months, so it will be fun! I just have to remember to put away all my breakables. That's something I'll need to do anyway here in about 8 months or so anyway :) We'll be having (by a Kristoffer request) deep dish red pepper and sausage pizza, maybe a salad and I'm still thinking about dessert. Nothing too sweet, she has to put her 2 year old to bed after they get home, and I don't want to be the cause of two-year-old-terror at bedtime.

Picture time!

This is Kris last night making a tower of V8 cans. We have a lot of fun here in the Lyman house :) Crazy nights huh!
If you've never seen it, monkey sucks on her middle two fingers of her left hand. She won't take a pacifier, which is fine with me. It is soooo much easier to not have to search around for one and stuff it in her mouth all the time, and when she can just learn how to satisfy herself, it makes life so much easier. Anyway, these are her fingers she just loves. She's not a thumb girl!
Oh, so funny. Sadie, our cat, is the wierdest cat. She likes some of the strangest things. She won't eat fresh fish that I offer her, but she LOVES tuna from the can. She won't eat scraps of whole beef or chicken, or eat deli cuts, but she LOVES ground beef. My mother will tell you about a little incident when Sadie and I were living at home before we moved to Las Vegas. Mom left some ground beef out on the counter and Sadie jumped up, chewed through the plastic wrap and styrofoam, and ate a huge chunk off the corner. Naughty cat! Well, she knows when I buy the beef, because she is immediately underfoot and waiting for a luscious scrap to be thrown her way. I usually give her a few chunks :)
Miss cutie wore an adorable little white jumper dress with hearts all over it yesterday. Sooooo cute and snuggle-able!


Tabitha said...

Oh Marin is getting so big! I feel such an incredible need to snuggle that little bug! I miss you guys terribly!

Scooter & Emi said...

Let Tabitha snuggle Marin--we'll play poker while she does! ;)

Kris--sorry we couldn't chat longer--or even with more focus! I wanted to ask how your new job was going, details, etc. :( Next time!! :)

Sam--LOVE the new shoes!! They made MY day, so it's double happiness!