Tuesday, January 13, 2009

8 pounds = 1 bowling ball

I am alive! I promise! And, lest you be concerned, I will post some pics later tonight, I just can't do it now. Our computer is a bit bogged down with, I'm sure, some random downloads, and is therefore a little sluggish, and that makes downloading pics. . . . that much more time consuming.

Anyway! :) This weekend my hunny came home, HOORAY! I just do not do well being by myself. I freak myself out at night when it's dark ( I think I have just come to the realization that I am honestly scared of the dark!), and make myself think some scary hooded person is always lurking outside my window or door just waiting to pounce. Oooooh, I get the shivers even now! And then when I get into bed, I always think some scary alien is going to come and suck my brains out through my ears. I have quite the vivid imagination, if you haven't already guessed. Ahhh well, I survived and all is well, My hunny is home and keeps me safe, so I am a happy girl :)

Also, this past weekend, we had Kris's mom and sister and her boyfriend down for a visit. They came in super late thursday night and stayed until sunday afternoon. What a fun time we all had. Just hanging out talking and laughing. It was hard for me, because I had to work friday (well half of friday) and saturday, so I couldn't hang out as much as I wanted. I got to some home from work early on Friday (I cured all my patients!) and go out and buy 2 pairs of shoes, courtesy of Trine (THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!). One pair of running sneakers which I desperately needed, AND, one pair of super sexy black high heels ;) I have always been a sucker for high heels, and I have not bought any, since, I think before Kris and I got married, so this was perfect! I needed a pair of plain heels, so i all worked out.

Sunday I taught my first lesson to the YW, my little Mia Maids. I have to say, some interesting personalities. There is only one that I don't think I've encountered along my travels with the YW, and that is the I'm-smart-and-know-all-the-answers-and-have-a-slightly-cynical-attitude-while-attempting-to-pull-off-the-preppy/alternative/mollymormon-look-and-be-aloof-ly-popular. Interesting! I'll let you know how that goes:) Kris has already started recruiting some girls for babysitting. Yikes! I just got used to the idea of leaving Marin with another adult, so this is gonna take some adjustment.

And, speaking of Kris. . . the church calling fairy has once again made a magical visit to our home. He now has a calling also! He is the ward employment specialist. Huh? Yeah, we both were a little like "Uh, what?". But, I guess he is, essentially, going to be the go to guy for people when they need a job, so he can know who in the ward does what and refer people for certain things or to certain businesses. I don't know exactly, but I think they said that's what is was. Kris was a little shocked, but, as I remembered, I referred him to his patrirchial blessing, which talked about this sort of thing exactly. I know he will be great at this. He has such a calm reassuring personality, that he JUST they guy for the job:)

AND. . . .Da Da DAAAA: 8 POUNDS TO GO!!!! I am very excited! Now that I am so close to my goal weight, the pounds are harder and harder to shed, so I know I have some more hard work to do to get there. But I know I can do it! I was pleasantly suprised yesterday, I pulled out a pair of my size 8 jeans that I haven't been able to squeeze into for quite some time, and lo and behold, not only could I get them over my hips (*applause*), but I could (although barely) zip them up! Now, the extra skin that flopped over the front of my jeans made me gag just a little, so I hastily removed them, BUT. . . progress is progress. I think the hardest part has been watching my actual waist shrink in size, but having that area around my hips and (moms know!) below the belly button remain the same size. Ugh. However, I am working hard to be healthy (While making sure Marin's food supply isn't affected) and my loving husband giving me kisses and telling me how beautiful I am certainly helps. :)

Today is tuesday, and that's baby watching day. Both babies are upstairs sleeping (nice!) and have been asleep for over an hour! That's not normal for my monkey! Ahh well, she got to bed late last night because we were grocery shopping at Sam's to restock our hungry deep freezer. Not much on the menu for today, just keep both babies fed and clean and happy. I think tonight is a fresh bread and homemade chicken noodle soup night :) I think I'll have a happy husband, it's one of his favorites:)

Ok, so I'll post some pics later tonight:)

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