Friday, January 23, 2009

Ya-Ya Ma?

Ahhhhhh, Saturday night. Love it love it love it! I'm done with work, and don't need to go back for another 5 days, that in itself is a great feeling :)

Some cute little updates for those following the Marin news . . . First off, her cereal eating abilities have quite improved! She no longer fights the spoon with a tight closed mouth, but actually opens wide and lurches toward the spoon! Now, that does provide a awkward angle to maneuver sloppy cereal into a little tiny mouth, but we manage, however messily :) And, instead pf pushing it out of her mouth, she pretty much gulps it right down! Yay! We are definately making progress. And, on a happy little note, Marin has started jabbering. What a funny sound! She'll move her jaw up and down and make the same sound over and over again, it sounds like "Ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya.. . . . . " It is soooo cute! It makes me laugh. She's growing up so fast my little one is. I was thinking tonight as I drove home from work about what it was like to bring her home from the hospital for the first time. The first night, sleeping with one eye open pretty much, such a tiny little baby, ahhh the memories!

Kris is home from Denver! Hooray! I always miss him when he goes away, and this time, he doesn't need to go back again :) Isn't that selfish of me?


Marin was giving kitty cat some love. Well, mama helped her with the petting. I had to keep her hand moving pretty quick so she wouldn't clench onto her fur :)
Marin and mama! Just hangin' out :)
A little chewing session, EVRYTHING goes in the mouth nowadays.

Some attempts to roll over, she is sooooo close!

MArin looks so mature in this picture, she is just getting so big! A short moment of tummy time, she doesn't like to be on her belly, so she rolls over before I can even get a picture.
What a sleepy baby in this pic! I only posted it because it shows he fuzzy head. :) I love her fuzzy noggin.

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