Friday, November 14, 2008

"The hardest part, was letting go, not taking part. . . "

Coldplay (my favorite band, by the way) really hit the nail on the head! "It really broke me heart..." I took Marin to the Y yesterday . . . . . . . and I put her in the child watch for the first time. SO SCARY! I knew the day would come, and I have been fearing it for so long. Marin turned 3 months on Thursday (yesterday) and was eligible to go to the child watch at the Y. I took her in and handed her over to AJ, a nice 40 ish lady, and walked past all the kids yelling "MOOOOMMMMM!"and out the door to my Ballet Burn class. I had to force myself to not think about her for the duration of my 30" class, that was hard. I finally half scampered back down the hall to get my little girl, and she was sitting in a bouncy chair half asleep...with a few little cracker crumbs in her hair. AJ said some of the older kids had wanted to "pet" the little babies, and one had broken through :) Ahh well. No harm no foul I suppose right? That was however a very. hard. thing. I am getting better I hope! Does it ever get easier for mama's to leave their babies?

This morning little girl was up VERY early. Well, I say very early, but it was just. . . early. She was ready to start the day at 6 AM! She ate at midnight, when we went to bed, and then at 4, so I put her in her basket next to our bed, and at 6 AM, she was cooing and making little happy screams. I finally took her out at 6:45 and fed her, thinking she would go back to sleep, but she was happy to see mama's face and ready to play! I pushed her over to daddy and rolled over. I was waaay too tired to play. Daddy took her downstairs and I got to sleep in.

We put Marin in her in her little walking scooter thing, and we got the cutest pictures. She was trying so HARD to grab her toy, it was soooo cute!

Picture time!

Here she is looking at her toy, the one with the big red bead in the front there.
She would open up her hand and wave it across to grab the toy, but that toy she has her hand on in the picture would get in the way! Poor girl, she would lt out little yelps of frustration evey now and then.
Not sure if you can see it, but here is our little bubble blower with a nice big bubble on her lips. She LOVES blowing bubbles.

Still trying hard!

Say hi to the camera!

Oh! And I almost forgot! I had a GREAT missionary experience the other day! I went to Office Depot to make copies of my eclair recipe and chatted with the nice copy lady there. She was raving about the picture of the eclair, and I told her about the recipe swap and invited her. She was working the evening shift and couldn't come though. Well, I thought about taking her an eclair after the recipe swap was over, but there weren't any left (no surprise, they ARE quite delicious). So the next day I kept thinking about her and wondering if I should go back, and I made up my mind to go and see her. So I put together the recipes we all swapped, a pass along card, a RS calendar and a note with my number and an invitation to church, packed up my little Marin and headed over to Office Depot! We chatted for a little bit and I verbally incvited her to church and even though she was working, the seed has been planted! We'll see, maybe someday!

That's it guys! Have a good weekend!


Tabitha said...

I can't believe how big Marin is getting. Three months?? Ben and I have only been married for four! *Sigh* Maybe we'll get out there for a visit before she turns 18 ...

Scooter & Emi said...

That's one of the big power things at our house... who gets up with the kids and who sleeps in. :D :D I think I'd say it's pretty even and I'll bet you a dime to a dollar that Jonathan would say that he gets up WAY more than I do. Even if that were true (which it's NOT! lol), it wouldn't matter because I get all of the wonderful mama-child time I need during the day while he's off chasing bad guys. :D :D