Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A day in the life. . .

Baby Hair! Above left is Marin just a few hours old. Look at all that light brown hair! Above right is Marin just a few days ago. The poor girl is losing all her hair! She practically has a comb over! Her hair (well, the remaining hair that is) has lightened quite a bit too. I can feel her permanent hair growing in though, and even though it's juuuust barely starting to come, it looks pretty light.

And now. . . .A Day in the Life of Marin! Presented by: Her Mama

(appx times by the way)

7 AM: Rise and Shine! I coo and squeel in my basket until mama or daddy pick me up.

7:05: Diaper change. My diaper is nice and FULL, so before I do any playing, I get my pants changed

7:10-7:30: A little bit of playtime! Mom and Dad will wiggle my legs and help me stand and I give them BIIIG smiles!

7:45: Time to get dressed! Usually mom gets me dressed, but sometimes daddy does too. That's always fun when daddy gets me dressed. He sometimes puts some funny clothes on me.

8:00: Breakfast! Mama nurses me :) I like that MUCH better than those silly bottles!

8:45ish: I'll play until now, then I am ready for my first nap, and I will FUSS FUSS FUSS until mama wraps me up like a burrito and puts me in my crib. Then I'll usually sleep around 45", sometimes I'll have a sleepy day and sleep for 2 hours or even 3!

9:30: Up again and PLAYTIME! I like to play under my jungle gym and look at all the bright colors. Mama will play with me and help me stand and make funny noises and faces. I like that, it makes me smile. Oh, and another diaper change or two, depending on the day :)

11:00: Lunchtime! This time mama or daddy will heat up some mommy milk and put it in a bottle. I don't like bottles, I like mama better!

12:00: Time for another nap! This time I'll sleep for around an hour or more. I need time to process all that playtime from this morning!

2:00: And it's snacktime, another bottle. :( I can't wait until nightime, mama nurses me at night. But after snack, it's playtime again!

4:30: A few more diaper changes and it's time for dinner! Another bottle . . .*sigh*

5:30: And it's time to get FUSSY! I will fuss until it's bathtime. I know it's almost time for bed, and I have so much learning to process from the day, it gives me a headache!

6:30: FINALLY! Time for my bath! I LOVE my bath! It feels so good and warm on my belly. If I'm lucky, daddy will take me in the BIG bathtub with LOTS of water for me to stretch and splash in. I also have some fun bath toys I like to look at and try to grab. I can't grab them yet, but I'm trying!

7:15 to 7:45: Mommy or daddy rub lotion on me and get me into my jammies. Sometimes I'll get a bottle, but most of the time, mama nurses me and then time for my bed! I usually get rocked for minute (I'm pretty much asleep anyway) and wrapped up again and into my crib.

11:45 or midnight: Mommy changes my diaper and feeds me and back to bed!

4:45 or 5:45: Time for a snack! And back to bed again, until it's time to wake up!

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Scooter & Emi said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the picture of you with Marin on the 16th of November. You are so beautiful!

Don't you love baby giggles? My babies were always stingy with giggles... that is, until Daddy was silly, and then they went nuts. :) My theory is that they really had to study that crazy lady (me) making faces at them and they were too busy studying to laugh! :D

I love the day in the life post--it's fun to see a generalized day for you guys. xo!