Monday, November 3, 2008

Saving grace!

Well, as I have mentioned, the little kiddio has not been taking a bottle very well. Ok, that's a huge understatement. It's been like WW3 getting her to take it. She screams and kicks and gags and chokes, it's awful, and keep in mind, this is with the same bottle nipple she's used and been fine with before. She'll do this for about 20 minutes until she's exhausted and gives up. Now, as a mom, this makes my heart just break because all she has to do is suck, and I feel like the ultimate villan shoving a bottle in my baby girls mouth while she cries. I've been pushing the bottle because I go back to work in 2 weeks, and Kris needs to be able to feed her, and Marin has been less than thrilled. ANYWAY! Today I went to Babies-R-Us on a mission. To find a better bottle! I had lamented to Kris that bottle nipples really look nothing like a real boob, so it really wasn't a surprise Marin was having some trouble. So at the store I scoured the wall of bottle and nipple wonderland looking for a miracle. Well, I think maybe Miracle Max was working, we may not have found a simulated breast, but we found this really cool bottle from The First Years. She fought for a minute and then started to suck! Hooray! We'll see if everything continues, but so far so good!

In other news, Kris and Marin and I went to the library tonight! That was a good time. I haven't taken advantage of a library or a good book in a shamefully long time. I really do enjoy reading, but in nursing school, all I read were textbooks about ICP, nephritis and respiratory failure, although I can't forget the fun dictionary pics. Anyway, It was a nice change of pace. I got to browse through the shelves looking for some savory murder mystery (I like those) and look through CD's of cool music. I did find book called Saffron Skies, I'll have to see how that turns out. I also found a CD I had been looking for, for quite a long time. I couldn't remember the name of th artist, or the song, but it's called Grace Kelly by MIKA, and it's such a fun song. I love it. I'm excited to get back to reading though.

This morning I went for a run. I've been going to this intense stroller class where we do some intermittent jogging, and I have been practicing jogging on my own. I can only go for a almost a mile and half, but it's a good start. Before Kris and I got married, I was jogging at least 3 miles a few times a week, but I'm getting there. And over the last 6 weeks, I've lost about 13 pounds, so I'm happy. Still have about 15 to go to reach my goal weight, and then once baby stops nursing, I'll have another 10 to lose. One step at a time though!

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