Saturday, November 22, 2008

Go Take a Hike!!

Pheww! (I am wiping the sweat from my brow by the way) Our friends from the ward called yesterday and invited us to go hiking today. They are big hikers, and have done some pretty extreme hikes, so it's a good thing I've been working out, so I can keep up! We went to Red Rock Canyon around 11:15 and started hiking. I wasn't sure how long the hike was, and I didn't want to be the pansy and ask. You always seem like a pansy if you ask how long the hike is, WHILE you're on the hike. So we started out. . . uphill, and continued uphill until we reached the summit, imagine that! That was pretty rigorous hiking, just the first part, and we had to take a break before we got to the summit. Marin was in her Kelty Kids backpack, and she was just hanging out! Daddy carried her most of the way (I know, I know!) We kept hiking, and hiking and hiking, and then. . . we hiked some more! I was getting a little tired. Kris and I ate our granola bars and apples, and we just kept hiking. Finally, we came to a picinic area, and I looked at the trail map on the side of the trail, and we were in the middle of a 6.5 mile hike! Yikes! No wonder I was starting to get tired! I am no stranger to exercise, I have always been active, but I usually keep my hikes to around 2, maybe 3 miles. I think it's because I get bored. I have to shake up my exercise routine quite a bit because I get bored. Anyway, I did carry Marin for a stretch, maybe a mile and a half, I think that just killed me. My poor hips were just DYING! They're still pulling back together from the big stretch of baby delivering (did you know that a woman's hips stretch, well, spread, up to 33% during chilbirth?! Crazy!) The last mile was killer, and it was uphill too, so that didn't help. Nevertheless, we made it! I think Kris's body was hurting too, and we were STARVING! I could have eaten the entire questionable contents of our refridgerator! But, home we sit right now, and I am going to take a nice warm bath :) That makes me happy. Just a few pics, mostly of landscape.

Picture time!
Marin's face was in the sun, she didn't like that, so she has a very unhappy look on her face.

These next ones are of the mountains. I was thinking of you dad!

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