Sunday, November 16, 2008

13 pounds and growing!

3 months and 13 pounds. Our little chunk-a-licous Marin is getting so big! She really is starting to develop a personality, she's actually a lot like her mama. She likes to be with people and loves to be active and stand and move around and bounce. She does not do well with just sitting. She'll get really frustrated pretty easily when she can't get her toy on the first couple of tries, and when it's time to sleep, she wants to be left alone!

I dressed her in one of the dresses I bought a while ago, but she finally is big enough to wear it. It is SOOOO cute! You'll see it in the pics. I also found some sretchy material (I won't say where. . . ) and stitched it to make a little headband for her, and tied a thick white ribbon on the top to make a bow. She looked adorable at church! I could see everyone sneeking a peek at her cute chubby cheeks :)

Today we had a couple from church over for dinner. They just moved here from Mississippi and they have a 2 year little girl and a 4 month old baby boy. They are the age as Kris and I, and are sooo nice. We really all got along pretty well. Nothing fancy for dinner, I made some spaghetti and homemade bread. The spaghetti sauce was interesting. It was good, but I kinda was experimenting, and then I accidentally used fresh cilantro instead of fresh parsley! I didn't even realize it until my guest said it was really good! It was a yummy meaty sauce with all the usual stuff: dried oregano, basil, rosemary, thyme, sage, bay leaf, crushed red pepper. Then I added some other yummy stuff to experiment. A little sugar, honey, cinnamon, and the accidental fresh cilantro. It was really tasty, but I still have some more experimenting to do before it's perfecto. Our friend made a tasty salad with spinach, mandarin oranges, sliced strawberries, crushed walnuts, parmesan cheese and a yummy red raspberry vinaigrette. It was really delicious. For dessert, we had vanilla ice cream with some almond falovored chocolate fudge that I made. I also took some salted mixed nuts and some chocolate chips, put them in the cuisinart with some cinnamon and sugar and roughly chopped them for a yummy topping.

Anyway, kitty needs some shots at the vets tomorrow and I need to do some pilates tonight, so here are some pics!

The bow! TADA! Here's Marin playing under her jungle gym.

Sitting on daddy's lap.
The cute dress!

There's a full body shot.

Hanging out with mama.

Have a great Monday tomorrow!

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