Sunday, November 9, 2008

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We're alive! Promise:) We took a quick little trip to Utah for a few days, and now we're back. So many things to talk about, so little time, and blogspace, and minutes before Marin's bathtime! Where do I even start?

I think I'll start with the election. Politics are often VERY touchy for a lot of people, but since this is MY (Ours, oops!) blogsite, I'll post what I want. I am a registered republican. I'm not going to hide that, I have no shame in that. Does that mean that I am obligated and will vote republican each and every time? Absolutely not. Will I share who I voted for last Tuesday? Absolutely not. I think so often that has become a great topic of conversation, and many people are willing to share and discuss, but I really think I'd much rather keep my response to: "I'd rather not say". That might have sounded a little on the offensive, promise, it's not!

Congrats however to Barack Obama for his status as president elect! I think, and hope that he will do a great job. People are ready for a change in the U.S., and I think that sometimes that change needs to start with (and I mean this to sound good) skin color. I think it's wonderful that we are recognizing different races and ethnic groups as competent and able bodied individuals. I pray that he will do a great job, and it's unfortunate to have to say this, but I hope he lives through his term so he can make a difference (need I mention the ridiculous white supremacist groups out there?).

Another hot topic. . . Section 8! For those of you unfamiliar with section 8, it's a bill (or idea, whatever you prefer) that went to the California ballots on election day as well. The premise of section 8 essentially was for all clergy that were able to perform heterosexual marriages, to be required to also perform homosexual marriages, or, if they refused, have their ability to perform ANY marriage revoked. Now, this would also legalize gay marriage completely in California if you missed that part. My opinion on the topic? We live in a nation founded by individuals that supported, in essence, the legal vote. To make a long story short, the same country that supports freedom of speech and freedom of religion, also supports the legal vote. Californian's voted no to section 8. Am I happy it didn't pass? Yes. I, like everyone else, have my own beliefs. Am I going to impose them willy nilly and do I think homosexuals are bad people, Absolutely not, I think they're cool!. But if I am asked for my opinion and to vote at the ballot box, I will. I think especially when section 8 would impose requirements on the church and church "clergy", that's when I kind of think it's too much.

Enough of that! Politics is done. Can I just say that leftover Halloween candy is a VERY BAD THING! For someone that's trying to shed that nagging and riduculously tenacious post baby weight, post Halloween candy is like a bullet to the head, just suicide! Someone call Martha Stewart, because this is NOT a "Good thing"! It's very very bad! I need to run an extra 400 miles to burn off that nasty and delicously satisfying chocolate rush. Ahh well. I sense a very full and happy garbage can tonight, whenI throw it all away :(

And Utah! We went to Utah! It's always nice to escape from LV, and this was no exception.. The weather up there was refreshingly cold and frosty! I love to see snow and feel a cold breeze from time to time, it reminds me of home:) We stayed with Kris's mom, which is always nice, and bonus! . . . free babysitter! So we went to the temple and did a session one night (first time back since April I think, shameful I know. Pregnant bodies have a hard time sitting through a session) And this was the first time I'd left Marin with anyone for longer than an hour, while I was far away! I did really well, proud of myself! The next night we went out with Melodie and Sam to this great hole in the wall pizza joint for some NY style pizza (HELL-O! soooo good!) and to the 2$ theater to see "Get Smart". That was good too. We had to leave, and it's always hard to go, but the cat did need to be fed.

And the baby! How is our little Marin you ask? She is beautiful. She really is a good baby, I tell Kris all the time that I'm nervous for our subsequent kids, because I have a feeling they will not be as good. She is taking the bottle a little better, getting used to the nipple and all, but progress is progress! I think she is on the verge of laughing. there are times when she smiles soooo big and you can tell she has a giggle just waiting to burst out. It's coming though:) She is still going to bed around 7 or so, and that is still wonderful. It's nice to have a sleeping baby and some time with my hunny. She is however getting quite big. :( It almost makes me sad in a way, to see my little girl grow up so much. I mean, I'm excited to see her grow, but it's happening sooo quick. All of this growth (I'm sure she's just about 13 pounds now) is rendering a more and more limited supply in her wardrobe. Kris and I went to DI to get her some bigger clothes. Can I just say (again) how much I love DI. They have some of the cutest baby clothes for cheap cheap cheap! I can get her 14 or 15 items, for around $20! Where else can you do that?! I'll start snooping through the ladies section once I shed a few more pounds. And, speaking of clothes, Melodie (Kris's sister) was about to take some of her old clothes to DI herself, but I found the bags and asked if I could have first dibs, and I got a bunch of great clothes from her for myself. Not to mention Melodie has great style. Thanks Melodie!

Picture time!

This is this afternoon with daddy!

Some candids with mama! Am I ever going to NOT look exhausted? I look beat, like, all the time!

Whoa, ok, view disclaimer, this picture might be a little CLOSE! and scary!

Awww! A dress that I got her at DI, cute and white (It almost loked like a Christening gown, but less poofy) I put a bow on her head (using a bra-strap, is that bad?) and some white shoes Trine got for us!

Here is nice closeup. So cute isn't she!

There's a smile!

This is the "I'm-sick-of-pictures-and-I'm-losing-circulation-to-my-scalp-while-mom-forgot-to-take-the-flash-off" picture.

Some mountains in Utah.

Marin sleeping away in her Pack-n-Play in Utah

My friend Amy we went to lunch with. (Paradise Bakery by the way has AMAZING fire roasted tomato soup)

That's all folks, drop me a note!

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