Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Houston, we have a laughing baby.

No pics today, sorry! This is going o be a quickie post while Marin naps. I have some stuff to do around the house.

Anyway! Some fun news. . . I think Marin has reached yet another milestone in her devolpment. Yesterday I was playing with her while she was laying on our bed, and I would take her arms up over her head say "Streeeeetch!" and she started to laugh! It was definately the beginnings of a laugh, but a true, honest to goodness exhale-while-grunting-intermittently laugh! I yelled for Kris to come listen so we could be amazed together. It was just adorable.

Last night Marin did great. I fed her at 11:30 and then she woke up at 5:15 to eat. It's been nice to get a little more uninterrupted sleep now that she's older.

This morning was my stroller class, and then afterwards I took Marin to the childwatch and hit the gym to do some weights. I was there for about 45", and I am feeling it already! My poor litte muscles are just exhausted after almost 2 hours of exercise. It's been good for me though. I know I'm losing inches, even if the pounds aren't coming off as quickly as I'd like (though they ARE coming).

That's all for now. Kris just finished an interview and baby and I are going to meet him at the library and hang out until his next one. I'll have more pics soon. :)

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