Monday, November 10, 2008

A few little reasons. . .

Tonight, as I was rocking my baby girl before I put her sleepy, snuggly body into bed, I got to thinking about all the reasons I love my little one. . .

I love:
*The little noises she makes when she nurses (she's so noisy:) !)
*The way she smiles at me, it makes me forget all the crying. . . ever!
*How she quiets right down when she hears the bathwater running, she knows what's coming and she's a happy girl!
*Her farts. I know it's silly, but they are GIANT size farts for such a little tiny girl!
*How she snuggles with me right before I put her down for the night
*Her double chin
*The way she smells after her bath with clean jammies on :)
*The fact that I get to be her mama

Some random little numerical factoids for your chuckle-with-a-quizzical-look-on-your-face reading pleasure:

-diapers changed since Marin was born: appx. 990
-pounds I've lost since her birth: 36
-pounds left to reach my goal weight: 14
-pounds to lose to reach pre wedding weight: 24
-meals I've made for Kris since we've been married: 378
-flip-flops in my closet: 5 (pairs, that is)
-bobby pins in my hair right now: 3
-smooches with my hunny: a gazillion!

Next week I go back to work. :( I'm still having a hard time with that. It's part time, so 2 days a week doing 12 hour shifts, but I'm a new mom and it's still hard to leave your little one. It will be good for me though. I'll be able to use my brain again and be smart! At least she'll be with her daddy though, that gives me some solace.

This week is a little busy, tomorrow we're having my visiting teaching companion and her husband over for dinner. I need to get to know her, and maybe let her talk about how swollen her ankles are, she is like, 15 months preggo! Poor girl. Been there before! Wednesday, I'm hosting a recipe swap for the relief society, and I'm demontrating how to make chocolate eclairs, yum. I'm really excited about that! Thursday we're having one of Kris's co-workers over for dinner, and that dinner needs to be muey-bueno (is that how you spell it?). Anway, it has to be really good, she bought us our crib, so I need to make sure it's super yummy!

I'll let you know what I make, maybe I'll post a recipe!

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Scooter & Emi said...

Those pictures from the last post are TOO PRECIOUS. Yes, you do look tired! But happy, and that's what counts. I hope Marin wants to wear hair bows for a long time to come (unlike her cousin who refueses to keep clips in her hair!!!). Love it!