Thursday, March 29, 2012

Springtime Saturday at the Library

This past Saturday we went to the Library, and they had their roof open to roam about on, so fun!  They have a super long outdoor ramp with stairs that leads to the very top of the 6ish story library, we all needed the exercise, s we trekked to the top.

They have little walkways and flower beds up there, along with a view of the amazing mountains, so pretty!

 Daffodils, you are so lovely and happy and innocent!  You make me smile, and you look so pretty with the mountains in the background.
 Not the best picture of us, we were facing the sun, SQUINT!
 Ahhh, I do love the flowers.
 Hey dad, how do you get this thing to go faster?!
 Oh, my cute girl.  I tried to get a picture of her smelling a flower, but her hair and the wind were not in our favor, and she had had enough, but she sure is cute!
 And then we found the water, Owen's favorite.
 There was a woman in the children's section of the library who was making balloon shapes for the kids, so Marin chose a flower.
 LOVE this shot, both of my sweet babies and an actual GREAT candid shot of my husband.
 Sweet girl.
 I do love her, she has such a good heart and tries her best everyday, she is such a good example to ME!

Can I say that I'm super grateful for FREE Saturday activities?!

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