Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring is Coming!

March is the wonderfully tempestuous, transitional month that I look forward to every year in the coming of Spring.  Spring is such a glorious time of year, a few perfectly refreshing weeks of wind, warmer temperatures, new life, energetic fervor and SUN!  All of these things play some dirty tricks on my spring-time allergies, but I'll suffer through it happily, Spring is here!

This past weekend was just lovely, and we took the kids to Sugarhouse Park for a walk and a few turns on the playground.

Owen checking out the slide.
 Nope, going UP, isn't working, hmmmmm.....
 Ahhh yes, going DOWN is much easier!  (poor Owen's eyes were watering and he was sneezing the whole time at the park....guess who has mama's spring-time allergies?)
 Marin, mid-flight.
 I'm doin' it, mama!
 Coming down the BIG swirly slide.
 Mama, look at ME, look at ME!!!
 If Marin has a favorite playground activity, it's the swings.  I'm usually glad when I take her to a playground that doesn't have swings, because she would beg to be on them the WHOLE time.  I do love swings as well, but there is never an empty swing for a silly 27 year old young mother who want to take a few minutes....I might get nasty looks from the other parents.  Which is why I want to petition for adult sized playgrounds.
 Ok, I don't get these swings.  The HALF swing.  By the time your kid is old enough to start learning how to balance on a regular swing, move them to a regular swing.  They'll get it.  But when you have regular swings, and HALF swings, where do the babies swing?!  They can't play on the playground, so the swing is about all they have.  We attempted putting Owen in this silly contraption and he just about fell out!  Ugh, American society is so obsessed with IN-ability.  Two swings:  baby swings, and regular swings. 
 My sweet little family.
I can't wait for this weekend!  I'll be buying some seeds and doing some planting, wohooo!  I've not really had a chance to do much planting since we left NY, so I'm a little excited.


Christy Wheeler said...

I can't wait to plant too! Have fun, and get some poppies.

Scotty and Emi said...

Soooo much fun! Now that Emily's older I have a 10-push policy. She is resisting learning how to swing herself... So when she asks to swing, I push her 10 times and that's IT. :) Eventually my stubbornness will win out!!