Thursday, March 29, 2012

Body For Life

It's blog-a-palooza, can you tell!  Phew, all these posts!

So, I figured I would give a quick update on Body For Life.  Kristoffer and I are on week 3 day 4, and it's been a ...meh...moderately difficult ride so far.  Results?  I am down ZERO pounds.  Can you tell how ecstatic about that I am?  I'm not giving up hope yet...Kristoffer talked to a friend at work who did BFL and he said he and his wife didn't have results for 6 weeks and then the weight started to really come off.  So, I'm crossing my fingers that's the case for us.  I know I've toned up and lost inches, but since I didn't measure myself before, I'm only comparing to my 'before' picture in the bathroom.  My clothes are a bit looser also, so that's good news.  

I'm trying not to just throw in the towel and compare my 8 pound weight loss prior to starting BFL to a non-weight loss now that we're actually doing it.  I'm stronger and lifting more weight at the gym, so for all I know, I've been building muscle and burning fat, but the scale has been staying the same until I have enough muscle to just blast away the rest of the fat.  Right?  Right?  

Haha, it's ok, though.  I tend to quit on things like this, but I'm determined to see it through!!  Hopefully my next BFL update will be actual poundage lost!

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