Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Few Little Pictures

After a VERY busy January and February, March has been nice and easy, and it's been a good break.  I'm sure April will bring some gardening my way!

And finally, a few pictures of my sweet children!  Sunday, I was changing Owen after his nap, and he was about the squirmiest little boy he's ever been!  He was simply *aching* to get to his big bouncy ball and mommy was being a big ogre and trying to pin him to the ground to diaper his naked little bum.  I somehow managed to get the diaper on, but forget buttoning the onesie and putting on his pants.  He was off to have some fun.
But you can't get mad, mama; I'm just too cute when I smile.
 Awwww, little buddy!
 Owen loves a good PB&J for lunch sometimes...with a sippy cup of milk.
 And Marin loves a good PB&J, too...also smeared all over her face ;)
 Mama had a bean burrito for lunch, hopefully I can get some recipes on my food blog, eh?
 The salmon was a freezer dinner.  I also precooked the rice and froze that as well, so dinner was pretty easy!  And the salmon was dynamite!
 Another freezer meal!  This one is chicken tikka masala, it was pretty good!  My first thought was to serve it with rice, but I was all rice-d out, so I made No Yolks noodles instead.  It's all fitting with Body For Life!  Today marks three successful days of BFL, which is great news for me!  I'll do a one week update on Monday, when I do my weigh in.
Ahh, here are my kids, again!  Owen having a bath.  He is a happy boy at bathtime!
 Marin watching the last few minutes of Rapunzel.  I have to tell you a tongue-in-cheek funny-ish moment she unknowingly lured us into Sunday during Sacrament meeting.  Sunday was Fast and Testimony meeting, and one of our elderly brethren was at the pulpit bearing his testimony, which is nothing unusual.  The twist to this story is that this brother had his voice-box removed within the last couple of years and uses a (don't ask me the real name) little device that he presses to his throat which detects the vibrations and spits out a very robotic sound, thereby giving him a voice.  He really is the sweetest man and has the cutest little wife!  But Marin looked up when she heard him start speaking and watched him for a moment, then looked at me with very serious eyes and said...not so quietly..."He doesn't speak very good, mama.", and went back to her snacks.  Kris and I just looked at each other and tried desperately to suck the smiles off our faces and gain control of our shaking shoulders.  It was so hard not to laugh at her sweet and blindingly innocent remark, however inappropriate it may have been!
Aaah, my sweet little children!