Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Playdate

On Tuesday, we had Marin's friend Abby and her little sister Brooklyn over to play, and would you believe, I was only able to snap just a few pictures?  Lame!  I've got to be better at that!  Marin had a little princess activity pack from Christmas that we stowed away for another day, and we pulled it out while Abby was here.  I highly recommend stowing away Christmas gifts for a later day, Marin has LOVED it these last few days!

They chose to do some painting first.  (Do you like my gallon of milk, thawing on the table, haha!)

 They each had a piece of paper from the BIG princess paper book, so there was lots of room!
 They played together so nicely all day!  They (with help) made a fort downstairs, they played with their dress-ups, they shared toys and ate lunch.  I didn't have to interfere once!
 Marin didn't have a nap that day, so she was wiped...OUT and ready for bed that night.
We're so happy they could come to play, and summer is coming, so hopefully we can steal another few playdates with them...if gas isn't $7 a gallon by then...

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