Thursday, March 29, 2012

Marble Track in the Morning

The other morning, Marin wanted to play, and I was still kind of dragging, so I pulled out the marble track.  Owen hasn't had the chance to actually play WITH the marbles before, for obvious reasons, so he was thrilled when I sat him in my lap and handed him a marble.  Marin, being the great big sis that she is, showed Owen how it's done and he was mesmerized watching the marbles cascade down the track, it was pretty cute.  Once he snapped out of his marble-trance, he was ready to participate, and he did so great!

 It's ok, dad, I was watching him the whole time!
 Such concentration.
 They are so good together, the Lord really knew how to pick siblings.  They just love each other.  Marin really looks out for her little bro.
Daddy came home later that afternoon and Owen had a second chance with the marble track, he was a happy boy (as usual!).

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