Wednesday, February 1, 2012


If you are looking for pictures, I don't have any for you in this post...just so you're not disappointed!  I find, as I'm entering February, that I'm feeling...happy!  Mind you, I'm not generally an unhappy person.  I'm pretty emotionally-level (per my husband, even!), but I am a human being, and I am a silly girl and have my moments from time to time. 

 But, I have some wonderful things to look forward to this month, just some little things, but they make me smile, and I am grateful for the moments that make me smile.  After all, it's the little things that make life worth living!  So, I'm going to start my little "Happy List":

*1:  Valentine's Day!!  This *always* makes me smile.  I am sooo happy there is a holiday to celebrate love and romance.  It seems there is a terrible focus on sarcasm in relationships/marriage these days, and I just don't like that one little bit.  So, I am happy to have another reason to shower my amazing hubby with kisses and silly, goofy little ways to show him I love him....and vica versa ;)

*2:  My dad is coming to visit!!  My dad is a great dad.  I know I haven't told him this enough, but I really love my dad.  He has always been there for me, and I have always known he loves me...and that he loves my mom, and that means the world to me.  He's been through some difficult things lately, and he's missed his grandkids, so I am happy he can come and soak in the moments with Marin and Owen.  And Marin is *beyond* excited that grandpa is coming.

*3:  Owen turns ONE!!  I can scarce believe this to be true!!  It feels like I *just* had him!!  This is honestly kind of a bittersweet moment for me.  I am elated that he is growing and healthy and smart and strong, but ask any's tough to let that first year go.  There is just so much change and growth in that first year, and when it's done...he's ONE!  And I don't have a 'baby' per se, anymore...I have my little boy, my toddler.  He'll always be MY baby, of course, but he's growing up!

*4:  Owen's Birthday Party!  This is not going to be a super-tastic GIANT celebration, we'll have mostly family and maybe a few friends.  But, I am going to have the cutest cupcakes placed in the shape of "The Very Hungry Caterpillar"'s going to be super cute.  And, I get to watch my son smash into his own little cake...eeek!

*5:  My nursing license.  It's about that time!!  Kristoffer and I talked about me going back to work, and I had already decided that when Owen turns one, I would love to find something per-diem (read: a few days a month) to keep my skills (and license) active, and help me feel a little more balanced.  It's been wonderful to be home with my kids, truly, especially to finish out Owen's first year, but I have a very active brain that needs some alternative stimulation, so a few days a month...if I can find it...will be perfect for me.  I will have to say, endorsing my license here in Utah has been the *easiest* endorsement EVER!  With NV or OR, it was a giant paperwork MESS, and it took me weeks to finish and collaborate.  Not here, evidently!

*6:  Kicking the weight.  This month, Kristoffer and I start the Body For Life 12 week program, and I am ecstatic to kick this baby weight!  I've been easing my way into some of the food/exercise changes, and it has already helped me to lose about 6 pounds in 4 weeks!!  This is incredible for me, seeing as how I had been stuck at the same weight for about 6 months.  Our official start date is the 16th (Owen's birthday), and I can't wait to be skinny again, and Kristoffer can't wait to be muscle-y again...order hot and fit couple!

*7:  The Atonement:  Granted, this isn't February specific, but sometimes, things just...hit you!  Like at the gym this morning.  I was listening to Coldplay's lyrics..."How long must you wait for it....", and I realized, I don't need to wait for ANYTHING!  I'm terribly imperfect, every day, I am!  BUT, I don't need to let that get me down!  I don't need to let my imperfections make me frustrated and sad.  It's true, wise sage Austin reminded me that the Atonement makes up for the rest.  HOWEVER much that may be...a little...a lot...99%...45.2%...88.567739475%...whatever it may be, it's made up for by our loving Saviour.  I noticed, as I looked around at the gym that we are all doing our best here.  And that Joe Schmoe on the elliptical will be atoned for...JUST as I will be.  No matter what we're doing, as long as we keep trying.  The Saviour always makes up for the rest, however much that is.  What a happy thing, indeed!!! 

So, February is a happy month!  A month for love, a month for celebration, a month for warmth and tenderness and all good things.  I can't wait.


Tabitha said...

Thanks for your happy thoughts. I just read some depressing news articles and I was so sad until I read your blog! May I recommend reading/watching/listening to "His Grace Is Sufficient", a BYU devotional by Brad Wilcox. Just google it, you will find it. I listened to that a few months ago and it changed my life. Love you!

Mrs. Pedersen said...

I'm excited about Valentines day! And my birthday is the day after. We have some other fun things going on this month that will make the month super special!

Ryan, Becca, Brinley Boo AND Casen too! said...

What a beautiful post. So glad you are going to have a HAPPY month! So many fun things to look forward too! I am feeling you with the 1 year birthday though, oh where has the time gone!? :)