Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Things I Love

Since it's Valentines Day, I want to embrace the spirit of the holiday and think about ALL the wonderful things that I LOVE.  And since you come to my blog, you get to read them, haha!  These are in no particular order!

I Love:

1.  Bright, sunny days.
2.  A summer thunderstorm.
3.  A big, warm plate of fettuccine alfredo.
4.  Sparkly earrings.
5.  New shoes.
6.  DIY crafts for my home.
7.  Learning a new word.
8.  Fuzzy baby heads (you know what I mean!).
9.  Being thin.
10.  Making people dinner.
11.  Anne of Green Gables.
12.  Fresh flowers.
13.  The smell of cut grass.
14.  Smores.
15.  The hot shower-shivers.
16.  The look my husband gives me when I've lost weight.
17.  Birthday cake.
18.  Being sore after I work out.
19.  A tennis/volleyball that goes *just* above the net.
20.  A tree with trimmed grass all around it.
21.  Warm sand on a beach.
22.  The sound of water.
23.  The sound of the ocean.
24.  An ice cold smoothie.
25.  My AMAZING husband!!
26.  My sweet, beautiful children.
27.  Sleeping in (what's that?).
28.  Writing.
29.  Dancing with crazy friends.
30.  Cheesecake.
31.  Surprises.
32.  Cherry Coke.
33.  My loving Saviour.
34.  Traveling to faraway places.
35.  The color RED...and pink, too!
36.  My old stuffed bear; Fred.
37.  Getting all dressed up and going out.
38.  Farmer's markets.
39.  The texture of fresh pasta, yummmmm.
40.  Laughing so hard I can hardly breathe and I have tears streaming down my face.
41.  Watching 'Dodgeball' with my husband.
42.  Frank Sinatra.
42.  Running outside on a perfect spring morning.
43.  Dewey, perfect skin.
44.  Hugs from my kids.
45.  Roller coasters.
46.  Funnel cake.
47.  French toast.
48.  Memories of being a newlywed.
49.  Harvest season when all the produce is in season.
50.  Warm fireplace's.

*I could think of SO many more things that I love, but we'll go with what we have!  I'm so grateful for a wonderful, happy day to celebrate LOVE and all things kind and heart-warming.  It's a feel good-holiday full of smiles and ....LOVE!!  Cards and candy and jewelry are all nice, but you don't need those things to celebrate a feeling.  Happy Valentine's Day!!!


Mrs. Pedersen said...

Fun list!! I just wrote a list like that, too. :D Happy Valentines!

Scotty and Emi said...

Things I love...
1. Pinterest pictures of Ryan Gosling (ahahahahahahaha)

2. My sisters-in-law who are such great examples of what motherhood should be

3. My little family

4. Diet Coke (I know, I know...)

5. A quiet, beautiful foggy morning where I get to check the computer ALONE... never happens.

You're so great!! Have so much fun with your dad and TAKE A MILLION PICTURES for us!!! Love you guys!