Thursday, February 23, 2012

Musical Chairs

With the advent of Owen's birthday, came the dilemma of the carseats.  Owen was obviously WAY too big for the infant car seat we were stuffing him into, poor buddy!  And Marin, well, she is our petite little girl that will be trapped in a car seat until she is probably 16, the poor dear.  That girl, as much as I try to feed her, takes her sweet ol' time gaining even an ounze.  I've learned to let it go.  So, Kristoffer and I grappled with what car seat to put her into...and let me tell you, the government *never* institutes anything that makes life easier or cheaper.  It is always something that inevitably makes like more difficult or expensive.  Take car seats, for example.  There are weight requirements for children to be using certain types of car seats, for safety, right?  Someone in D.C. must have done research to back their weight requirements on car seats...right?  Kris and I have looked through statistics relating to this, and they aren't what you think.  After a certain age/weight, a three point harness is just as effective i.e. life saving as the same child in a five point harness.  Yeah, I was shocked, too! 

So, we ordered another round of car-seat-fun and played musical chairs!  And here is Owen, trying out his sister's old seat.  Boy, he sure does think it's fun, riding around and being able to see everything!  Marin likes her booster seat just as well, she can reach her toys!

 What kind of face are you expecting, mom?
 Saturday was Owen's birthday party, and he had a rough night.  I think his poor little belly wasn't feeling well, so he didn't get much sleep and was up early.  I stayed home with him on Sunday, and after a good morning nap, he crawled around very contentedly and found things to play with.  He was so quiet, I had to peek around the corner to see what he was up to.
 Oh, hey mama!
 Look what I found!
Can I say how strange it is to have two children facing forward in my car now?!

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