Sunday, February 12, 2012

Launch Party!

After all that cleaning (or attempted cleaning!), Kristoffer and I were ready to party it up!  Saturday night was a BIG night for Kristoffer's little sister Melodie, it was the official launch party for her album as she takes a brave leap into the music world.  She has been working on her album for about two years and has poured her blood, sweat, and tears into her music and making this a reality.  We are SOOOOO proud of her!! 

So, Saturday at 8pm (isn't that such a romantic time?) we headed to a local gallery for the official launch.  We were able to dress ourselves up a little, which was a treat, in and of itself, and found an absolutely *lovely* setup, it was so pretty! 

 A local designer had some of her jewelry and accessories on display.

 And here she is....the BIG STAR of the evening...Melodie Blume!!!  Is she not the most gorgeous girl?!  And she has some vocals to boot!
 I couldn't help myself, the decor was so pretty!
 Me and the hubs.
 Can I say that I love this picture frame?  Am I allowed to love something so sparkly and over the top?!
 I thought it was actually a cool picture.
 A view through the crowd.  There must have been over a hundred people there.
 Melodie performed for us and we got to dance a little...and by "we", I mean mostly the women and not at all my husband.  Ok....I lied, he did dance a little...when he busted out his 'Carlton' moves (Fresh Prince fans, y'all know what I'm talking about!).  He's really a good sport.
 Melodie rocked it last night, she did great!
We are so proud of and excited for Melodie.  She has worked so hard and so long on this album and we are hoping she shoots to the top!


Scotty and Emi said...

Hurray!!!!!!! She is gorgeous and so talented, good for her!!

And I loved the pictures on your other blog--Owen is such a cutie pie! What day is your dad getting in? Is it tomorrow?? How long is he staying?? You guys will have so much fun!!!

Valerie said...

It all looks so blingy beautiful! Have a link for Melodie's music so we can listen too? :) How exciting for her.