Thursday, February 23, 2012

Owen's Birthday Party

Well, my sweet little Owen is...ONE.  We pulled together a few party items and had a nice little party for him, complete with his cake smash.  I'm finding as I meander through motherhood, now with two children that, smaller is better, haha!  Big parties stress me out and and I'm also discovering that I stress about more than I used to and would care to stress about.  But I digress...

Marin helped grandpa and daddy blow up balloons...well, actually, she more 'corralled' the blown up balloons. 

 Ok, and maybe a little catch and toss, too.
 The cake!  I saw this "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" cake on Pinterest, and I loved it from the first.  It just seemed to be a perfect fit with Owen.  So, I made one!  I bought some large cake tips and that made frosting the cupcakes ridiculously easy, wohoo!
 Also another idea from Pinterest, stringing balloons from thread, what a novel idea!!  No mess, no tape bunches, just a prefect row of non-helium (read: expensive) balloons.
 There's the birthday boy!!  And he sure does look like a little boy in this picture, wow!  He looks far too old to be my sweet little son!
 Some family!
 Ok, if this cute fella doesn't melt your heart, I don't know what will!
 Ahhh, the cake smash.  I gave Owen the big red cake that was acting as caterpillars head, and Owen went straight for the frosting eyes...picking the frosting out with his fingers!
 Ugh, I think I'm starting to feel a little queasy, mama!
 But, I sure did have fun!
 Grandpa gave Owen a quick bath to clean him all up.
 Some friends brought the cute kids to the party, and they were just sitting down to cupcakes and ice cream.
 Grandpa showing one of his two magic tricks, the children were amazed!
We were so happy to have my dad here for Owen's birthday.  It was wonderful for the kids, and I am SURE it was very therapeutic for a grandpa who really misses his grandkids!  Thanks to everyone who came to show their love, we really love you all so much!


Scotty and Emi said...

These are adorable new posts... and WHO IS THAT BIG BOY??? He certainly has grown, and he doesn't look like a baby any more!!!

Love the cake, love the cake smash, love the Pinterest party (hahahaha). We do balloons for birthdays too--it's like what, a dollar? And a lot of hot air is free. :) Puh-lenty to go around at our house, ha ha ha.

I'm a principled person, too, and it's not just one way. If it's the other way around and I owe something I make SURE I get it out, even if it's a penny. It's the principle of the matter!!

Ryan, Becca, Brinley Boo AND Casen too! said...

What a fun party! He is such a doll! Can't believe our babies are 1! We had a super simple birthday with Marlee, just a little cake and presents. I am learning too (with a little nudge from Ryan) that simple is good :)