Wednesday, February 8, 2012


This picture has nothing to do with the title...which I'll be addressing soon, but I needed to post *some* kind of picture, and this is all I have!  I know...I've been horrible lately at snapping pics, but I can't find my battery charger!  And Owen is super cute...eating his PB&J, albeit, very VERY tired.

My reason for this post is to *finally* share some news I've been wanting to share for a little while.  Kristoffer has been doing an internship at Zion's Bank since the end of September.  It was an incredible opportunity for him and we've been really blessed with that chance.  The position was to be temporary...for three months, but it seemed as though his boss took a liking to him and asked him to start studying for his stockbrokers exams.  Which, he started doing.  These two exams are no small piece of meat to chew, my friends!  Since the beginning of October, we've sacrificed MANY a night and day for study opportunities.  Which isn't to say we haven't done this before when Kristoffer was in his masters program...I get it, studying stinks.

After MANY hours of frustration, tears, and head banging on the table....Kristoffer has PASSED both of his series exams and is a licensed stockbroker!!!  I cannot tell you how proud I am of him, he has worked so hard for us and is ridiculously smart and dedicated.  He has been offered a sales position on the capital markets floor (trading floor) of Zion's Bank and is SUPER excited.  I had to ask him exactly what it was he was going to be doing with this new job...and he attempted to explain it to me in banker-jargon, and I responded with my blank-stare and head scratch.  So, he explained dogs.  The sales people find customers to sell hot dogs to and maintain those clients and customer relations...and the brokers actually do the selling of the hot dogs.  Haha, got it.

I can't tell you how happy I am to have a husband who actually really, really LIKES his job!  He comes home smiling and happy and that makes me a happy wife.  And I am grateful...once have my husband back again.  PASS!!!

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Scotty and Emi said...

YAY, YAY!!! Congrats, Kris, on selling hot dogs!!! hahahaha j/k