Sunday, January 29, 2012

Phone Pictures

I'm terrible at uploading the pictures from my phone!  Fortunately, there weren't a ton of them this time around, so it makes it a little easier for me.

These two must have be a few months old, at least!  But, the little guy is just too cute to leave out.

 Before Christmas, Kristoffer and I went on a date to Temple Square.  They decorate the trees and have quite a few different life sized nativity scenes from all over the world there, and brrrrrr, it was freezing!!!
 I can only imagine this *might* be what the Tree of Life would have looked like...minus the bone chilling temperature.
 I sure do love that hubby of mine, and I'm so glad, that after all these years (!!), he still kind of likes me, too.
 I love this picture, the temple shining through the sparkly tree, a beacon to all nations!
 In the morning, I pull this little guy or 'Mr. Happy', out of his crib and into bed with me so I can feed him, and I caught a *super* cute grin from him one morning.  This boy melts my heart like nothing else.  I sent Kristoffer this picture with the caption: "I'm in bed with another man, I hope you don't mind ;)".  I don't think he did.
 Ok, the picture quality with this last one is about the worst I've seen, but I can't NOT post it.  Kristoffer's aunt Mette and her husband Jonathan from Sweden were in town for about a week-ish, and we had a little family party together.  It was so much fun!  My hubby had fun teaching my how to play pool....I may have played it's fun having your hubby teach you to play pool, right?  ;)  BUT, we were so glad to see family and have the kids meet more of the *other* side of the family.

And, as a side note...Owen practiced giving mommy kisses today, and it was the sweetest thing ever.  A big, wet, open, slobbery, baby mouth planted firmly on my cheek...again, and again, and again....I just couldn't push him away!  He is such a mama's boy, and I love the way my little boy loves me.  The things I need to write so I'll never forget them!

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Scotty and Emi said...

You guys have been busy! Adorable pictures!!