Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Temple Square with Grandpa

So, Wednesday we took Grandpa to the aquarium, and on Thursday we took him to Temple Square.  You just can't come to Utah and NOT go to Temple Square!

In the morning, Grandpa helped Marin get dressed.  Grandpa likes to utilize shirts in many capacities such a ear warmers or in this case, a nice purple hat.
 Oh my little handsome fella.
 First stop, the Church History Museum.  We took a rather hurried walk through the grown-up section downstairs so that we could appease children by taking them to the kids section upstairs.
I'm always amazed to see the death masks of Joseph and Hyrum Smith.
Marin being silly.
Owen stretching his legs and peeking around.
Marin and Grandpa, she loved following him around.
And we ended up in the kids section.  I really love that they have a section just for the kids.  It makes it possible to get out of the house, it's safe, clean, church oriented and free (minus parking). 
Aaaaand Marin ended up in the kitchen, whaddya know?
A picture of one of the rooms.
And another of the rooms.
Haha, the kitchen where Grandpa was waiting for Marin's creations.
BIG angel Moroni!
Awwww, Grandpa and the grandkids.
A short stroll around the Temple.
So glad we had a sunny day with bright blue skies!

You can't deny that the Salt Lake City Temple is just gorgeous.
My dad loves to be able to put his hand on the stone of the Temple.  It's almost like being able to feel a small connection to the incredible history that pulled together to erect an enormous monument of faith.
Am I allowed to be scared when I look at this picture and be secretly afraid of losing my daughter to marriage someday?  To be sure, I'd rather lose her in marriage to a worthy man than anything else, but oh how the  thought pulls on my tender heartstrings!
The little cheeseball.  I told her to pretend she was Rapunzel, hoping I could get a sweet smile or pose out of her, and this is what she gives me?!
Here we all are!
We had ourselves a little treat for dinner, and my husband had been looking forward to it for a week; Fettucini alfredo with sauteed mushrooms and pan seared chicken.  Mmmmmm, yeah, it's ok to drool ;)
And later that night we roped dad into a friendly game of poker.  Clearly the Navy taught dad a thing or two about poker because he cleaned HOUSE!
Look at that winner-takes-all smile, eh?
Our rather giant pickle jar.  Yup, that's a pickle jar!  As a joke, before Kristoffer and I were married, we put a giant jar of pickles on our gift registry...and someone actually got it for us, haha!!  Now it holds our spare change which is what we use for our poker games.  I jokingly told dad after his big win that night that he just won our Temple funds ;)
We LOVED our Thursday together, nothing was wasted!


Tabitha said...

That picture of dad with his winnings is a great picture! So glad you guys had so much fun :)

Scotty and Emi said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all of the pictures!!!!! Are you missing having Grandpa around? (Wait, ha! What kind of a questions is THAT!!!)

Clarissa said...

back again huh? looks like the weather was perfect for you there.